Pets for Sale - Is Caring for Pet As Stressful As Raising Kids?

Press Release   •   May 03, 2011 06:49 EDT

Pet Photo Classified: So, if raising a child can provide abundant opportunities for stress to enter your life, can caring for pets do the same thing? While there will always be sometimes when you will have to worry about your pets, especially when they are sick or stray from our home, the reality of the situation is that rather than provide a cause for stress, caring for pets has quite the other effect. Various studies have suggested that having a pet helps patients recover from surgery at a faster rate. The positive effect on the immunal system could account for that. If the link between infection and stress is correct and this shouldn't be surprising.

For many people, owning pets provides a boost to their psychological pluses. For example, a cat would happily lie curled up in your lap purring, waking to let you know that it's time for dinner. And yet the mere fact that your attention is drawn towards the cat and away from some problems that would have happened during the day and thus helps you to lower the stress. Dogs are also great stress reducers unless they're not putting holes in the garden, tearing on a good pair of shoes or creating a nusiance on the carpet. Bring them out into the garden and have a game of playing with a ball and watching their joy in this activity soon takes your mind away from the stress you have in life.

Man has been keeping dogs for over many a decades now and, during that time, they have participated in numerous everyday human rituals and other activities, many of which act as stress reducers. Fishing, and other activities in themselves provide relief from stress and, when accompanied by a loving dog, the effect is increased. Even fish in the aquarium can provide a source of stress relief. Caring for fish which is tropical takes a lot of careful planning and execution and focusing your mind on this task helps to keep it off what often amounts to trivial problems. In addition to this, simply sitting and observing these many interesting behaviors the sea creatures exhibit can be very relaxing and reduce the amount of stress you have.

Many pets including birds, hamsters, rabbits and others often display behavior which we find it very funny and even the most serious of psychologists would agree that laughter is the best form of medicine when it comes to reducing stress.

Most often we don't communicate with animals in the same way that we do with humans, there is no doubt that the understanding between individuals and their pets is adorable. That bond is always very strong and results in a feeling of support without the expectation of anything in return other than food and a little of our time and attention.

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