PostcardMania Launches New Customer Support Site:

Press Release   •   Nov 14, 2010 14:20 EST

When rolling out new software to help their clients, most companies outsource or invest tens of thousands of dollars into research and development. But, as usual, PostcardMania discovered an untapped talent within its own staff and was born.

The Clearwater, FL marketing firm, which was built from nothing and taken to national prominence by the founder and CEO, Joy Gendusa, got their breakthrough technology from a hidden gem within their own company: Preston Litton, a twenty-year-old in their IT department.

Litton did it all on this project: inventing, developing and programming the new site, which gives customers the ability to view status updates and postcard designs on all past and current orders with their individual secure login.

The website acts as a one-stop-shop for PostcardMania clients, relaying all the information they need. Litton hopes this will streamline the process from both sides — saving customers time, and allowing staff to focus on increasing productivity.

"This new website is awesome!" says Jesse Lee of Tampa Bay Commercial Writing & Design. "Your company's value to me has gone up exponentially! Everything I've had to call you about… is now all in one place. I love it! Thumbs way up on this one!"

Many other clients reported similar satisfaction, much to the delight of Gendusa. "I couldn't be happier," she says, "we try to foster an atmosphere of creativity and teamwork here, and to see one of our youngest employees step up like this is really, really exciting. Plus, the site improves our customer service — which I didn't think was possible!"

PostcardMania continues to make something out of nothing with this latest addition to their incredible customer service program, further proving their dedication to making their clients' lives (and jobs) easier.

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