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Power Transmission And Distribution Scenario In Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China And South Africa (BRIICS) 2020

Press release   •   May 12, 2016 04:45 EDT


The report provides an in depth analysis of T&D market in Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa. This report analyzes the T&D market in terms of infrastructure, investments and regulations. It provides information related to T&D lines, transmission capacity and substations. It discusses the key drivers and restraints impacting the market. It also provides information related to smart grid deployment in these countries, their power imports and exports and planned investments in the T&D sector during the forecast period, as planned by their utilities. In the end, the report provides a comparative snapshot of the BRIICS on their present status of power T&D.

Power Transmission And Distribution


Information related to power supply structure in the BRIICS.

Analysis of T&D market covering network lines (Ckm), capacity (MVA) and substations (units) for BRIICS from 20052020.

Information related to smart grid and power imports and exports in BRIICS.

Up to date information on T&D investment planned during the forecast period in BRIICS.

Key regulations influencing the T&D market in BRIICS.

A comparative snapshot of the BRIICS on their present status of power T&D.

Reasons to buy

Facilitate decision-making based on historic and forecast data related to T&D capacity, line length and substations in BRIICS.

Refine business strategies with a complete understanding of the trends and developments shaping T&D markets in BRIICS.

Evaluate opportunities in promising T&D markets to quantify potential returns on investment

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