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Press Release 2010

Press Release   •   Jan 02, 2010 13:38 EST

LAS VEGAS (CES, The Venetian, Room 29-318) – PERFECT8 Technologies of Sweden,, today announced it has teamed with AudioStone,, Ypsilon Electronics,, and ZenSati,, to form a unique partnership in the ultra luxury segment of high-end audio, presenting a complete audio solution for the modern luxury lifestyle with unprecedented visual appeal and performance.

With a line-up of amazing products and a total of four exciting new introductions to the US marketplace:

PERFECT8 THE FORCE loudspeaker is a grand engineering masterpiece in glass and gold that performs at the highest levels of musical reproduction. Consisting of over 1500 high quality and crafted parts, it takes over 200 hours to assemble.

First time in the US: PERFECT8 THE CUBE loudspeaker is a tiny wonder with an appealing design contradicting its stunning performance.

All PERFECT8 loudspeakers incorporate extraordinary technologies including the proprietary Super Silent Glass, an ideal material for the construction of the speaker baffle and frameworks from its unique properties of stiffness, damping, and mass.

PERFECT8 has received “Best sound in show” at CES for two consecutive years.

First time in the US: AudioStone Pythagoras ultimate vinyl turntable featuring the extraordinary Thales Tonearm, Swiss watchmaker precision build matched with the stability of Norwegian bedrock, shaped and dampened to perfection.

AudioStone Apeiron Racks crafted out of the Viking granite of Norway, provide for ultimate stability and totally vibration free damping carrying only pure, uncolored music.

First time in the US: Ypsilon Monoblock MkIII is the ultimate statement of high-end audio, created with a true passion for live music.


The Ypsilon VPS-100 Valve Phone Stage and the MC16 Moving Coil Step-up Transformer, CDT-100 CD Transport, DAC-100 D/A Converter, and PST-100 Preamplifier all feature highest attainable resolution and crystal clear signal path, effortlessly surpassing the state of the art of tube and solid state design.

First time in the US: ZenSati super exclusive, world class audio cables using materials such as silver, gold, rhodium, teflon, and silk to produce cables notable for their remarkable speed and crystal clear signal transport.

“We are proud to present this spectacular, unlimited Formula 1 line-up to the American public. Contrary to common belief, our application of glass produces crystal clear, uncolored sound completely liberated from cabinet vibrations, and without sacrificing full-bodied dynamics and an extensive soundstage. ” Jonas Räntilä - CEO PERFECT8

“Our dedicated experts will be present at CES to provide immersive and thrilling audio entertainment. There will be ample opportunity to service individual requests and special requirements for the most unique and demanding applications such as exclusive lounges, ultimate home theaters, or poolside.” Göran Rydqvist – VP Global Marketing, PERFECT8

“Our design team pride themselves in producing aesthetically pleasing speaker designs which excel in the extreme trials of true performance.“ Kolja Wilimzik – VP Research & Development, PERFECT8

Total pricing for the CES setup is 1 000 000 USD!

Pricing for THE FORCE is $375 000 and THE CUBE $90 000, including double subwoofers with custom amplifiers. THE CUBE single subwoofer edition is $70 000.

Pricing for the AudioStone Pythagoras turntable in pure black granite finish including the Thales Tonearm is $95 000. Gold finish from $950 000 on request only, in close cooperation with the most prestigous watch and diamond provider in the world.

AudioStone Apeiron Racks in wood finish is $12 000, granite $22 000, and gold from $350 000 on request only.

Pricing for Ypsilon Monoblock MKIII is $93 000 per pair, VPS-100 Valve Phono Stage $26 000, MC16 Moving Coil Step-up Tranformer $2800, The CDT-100 CD Transport $26 000, The DAC-100 $29 000, The PST-100 Preamplifier $37 000.

Pricing for the ZenSati Cables for the full CES setup is $195 000.

(All prices prices in EUR translated to USD as of December 2009, excluding local taxes)

About PERFECT8 Technologies

PERFECT8 Technologies is a Swedish provider for high-end ribbon and dynamic loudspeakers and subwoofers. Backed by over 25 years of research and more than 5 years of dedicated development, PERFECT8 Technologies was founded in 2005 with the primary mission of producing the most exclusive and best sounding loudspeaker systems in the world!

About AudioStone

AudioStone is a Norwegian manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, racks, and turntables. AudioStone has been at the forefront of research and development since 1999, and now provides an ultra exclusive stone rack integrated turntable - the most stable, reliable and top performing vinyl system in the world. Norwegian ingenuity matched with Swiss watchmaker precision.

About Ypsilon Electronics

Ypsilon Electronics is a Greek provider of high-end audio electronics. Ypsilon Electronics was founded in 1995 with the single-minded purpose of recreating live music with passion and perfection. Extensive experience with live music and over 10 years of research and innovation lead to new design concepts and advanced component technologies with unsurpassed results.

About ZenSati

ZenSati is a Danish manufacturer of high-end audio cable with focus on speed, neutrality and musicality. After years of listening tests and comparisons to live music, it is now possible to bring out the utmost of any serious high-end setup. ZenSati was founded in 2009 with the mission to become the number one audio cable supplier in the world.