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Professional Motocross Training Only at SunapeeMX

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2012 05:30 EDT

Motocross and in particular, freestyle motocross (FMX) offers a massive adrenaline rush and super charged experience. Motocross is a professional racing sport where bikers race and complete on different types of terrain. The sport has lined itself with the likes of other extreme sports requiring more than just training and skill from its players. Motocross training and competition requires a passion and dedication for this particular sport.


This sport also requires expert riding skills, and in order to achieve this, you must train properly at a professionally designed and expertly equipped and maintained motocross facility. The training facility should offer its riders unique and challenging terrain that will further enhance your riding skills. With the many variations of motocross racing and its continued evolution, freestyle motocross racing has become one of the most sought out event in this particular field.  


Freestyle motocross racing involves thrilling stunts and moves. In this style of motocross racing, it is recommended to train with the best in the Nation. Eric Mello, sponsored motocross racer and top professional, together with professional motocross rider Paul Lamb, offer the SunapeeMX motocross training facility in the New England area.


The SunapeeMX training facility offers strength, cardio, technical and health training to serious motocross riders under the watchful eye of Eric Mello and Paul Lamb. The terrain offers challenges of varying degrees and catering to different levels of riding. The training process requires a serious commitment, as well as solid physical and mental health.


At the moment, the facility is training professional motocross riders who will compete in the upcoming national motocross event, the Nuclear Cowboyz, and with Eric Mello dedication and passion to share his motocross talent and knowledge, anyone who trains in his facility is guaranteed to be ahead of their competitors. Nobody can challenge Eric Mello’s capacity to train professional motocross riders because, under his belt, he has held various trophies and medals from various motocross competitions throughout the Nation. With his two decades of experience in motocross, he surely understands the sport better than anyone else.

Eric Mello has been competing in professional freestyle motocross for over 20 years and is nationally recognized for his talent and achievements. Eric has participated in the X-Games in past years, and is sponsored by a number of organizations including Red Bull, O’NealMX, KSR Wheels, Smith Optics, TwinAir, and more.