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Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Website - Blog Reviews Scam

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2011 17:47 EST

Are there untapped riches lying in your business or personal website which you could be profiting? Andrew Trister thinks so. Dr. Robert C. Worstell has a more measured approach. In the "Coffee Shop Millionaire", Trister makes claims of allegedly starting flat broke and making over $21,000 in weeks with no website or product. Further, he claims that he was able to parlay these same actions into millions - and is offering these trade secrets to the public for a small fee.

Dr. Worstell analyzes these against his scam-free checklist to see how they hold up - or is it just more "aggressive" Internet Marketing?

"I'd been scammed over and over until I came to my senses, did the research, and literally wrote the book on how to get your self scam free," reported Dr. Worstell recently. "When I found Trister's incredible claims about a product in pre-pre-release, I knew it was a chance to either expose a scam, or show some incredible value from a relatively unknown marketer."

Dr. Worstell, who is known for his "over-prolific" output in books, articles, whitepapers, and videos, etc., considered creating a blog just to explore and verify what Trister was talking about. Through his research, which just recently concluded, he was able to study the product itself as a means of determining if Trister was telling the truth - or just being an "aggressive" marketer.

"The really unique opportunity here was that Trister is revealing secrets that are used in all these Internet Marketing launches which can generate reported sums of millions within the first few hours or days." Dr. Worstell explained. "In this unique case, the materials themselves were able to be used to prove or disprove the basic assertions about income potential of this business opportunity."

Andrew Trister is a relatively unknown Internet Marketer who went from being completely broke after trying his hand at Forex trading to reportedly having earned several million dollars in only four years - after he discovered a trick of Internet Marketing.

However, like anyone "once burned, twice shy", Dr. Worstell had his doubts. He had written a book "Get Your Self Scam Free" (published on Lulu.com) about this very scenario. A checklist on his site is available for anyone to apply to these offers in order to see for themselves whether some offer is a scam.
In applying this checklist, he also blogged his results daily as he went through the materials, all with the deadline of the release coming up.

"There was a real need to get this all reviewed and published so the results could be available as the release happened. If this proved out to be a scam, people didn't need to buy into it," Dr. Worstell said. "While it may be true that a sucker is born every minute, it doesn't mean we can't help them wise up with some education."

Dr. Robert C. Worstell, PhD, MBA, Mmsc, has degrees in Computer Science, Business, Metaphysics, and Comparative Religions. He works both as a freelance writer and runs a working farm outside Mexico, Missouri. His "Coffee Shop Millionaire" blog is http://coffee-shop-millionaire.blogspot.com - and his Scam-Free Checklist is available at http://robertworstell.com/scam/scam-free-checklist/index.html
For more information on his blog and its review, you may contact Dr. Worstell through any of his blogs or through http://midwestjournalpress.com/contact_us.php

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