Prominent Mobile Application Developer Simplifies Native Application Creation For Popular Platforms

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2011 09:09 EST

Feb. 25, 2011 – In today’s highly competitive IT market, creating custom, native mobile applications can be quite an expensive investment, irrespective of whether we’re talking iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android application development. Moreover, since the phone OS market is currently very fragmented, most companies in the wireless industry often have no other choice but to create a separate application for each phone platform, which significantly raises the costs, time and effort needed for development.

The cost of a feature-rich native application for the top three most popular platforms – iPhone, Android, and Blackberry – can go up to thousands of dollars, not to mention that the development may take a few months. Fortunately, with a solid Blackberry, Android and iPhone app developer like iBuildApp, you can now do all this for free or at just a fraction of the costs you would otherwise have to invest in the process.

Using the services of iBuildApp attracts numerous benefits, including:

No startup or subscription costs
No installation required
Access to an intuitive interface that gives you the ability to design and deploy professional iPhone applications in no time
Reduced development timelines
Improved time-to-market, since iBuildApp is the perfect system for getting into the Appstore quickly even if you have no previous experience

About iBuildApp

iBuildApp is a leading application developer specializing in mobile application creation. Through its neatly designed, intuitive web-based platform, the company enables clients to create their own customized mobile applications and use them to spread, promote and monetize their content via different sources. This is a great way to promote or share nearly any product, service, or to build a powerful brand for your business, irrespective of its type and size.

Since January 2010, the company has honored all its promises with dedication, professionalism, and transparency, and has stood by its “create once, run anywhere” policy that enables single users, and especially organizations, to maximize investment on their mobile initiatives. The platform offered by iBuildApp is a Do-It-Yourself automated engine for building a wide range of mobile applications without needing any programming skills.

With iBuildApp, creating iPhone app has never been easier! The company provides you with a rapid way to develop exciting iPhone applications that support text, images, audio, video, and much, much more. You get access to a wide array of features designed to facilitate both building and updating your applications, and in turn, your application users too will benefit from simplicity and quick load times!

Creating your own app with iBuildApp takes only a few minutes and is absolutely free. Your followers will see your name and icon in the App Store, they can upload your app on their mobile device, while backstage you have a powerful content management system to update the app “on the fly”, any time, as often as you would like.

For additional details about the company, as well as its offer of services, please visit www.ibuildapp.com

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