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Quit smoking habit, by positive thinking and with doctors help

Press Release   •   Sep 02, 2010 02:27 EDT

As everyone know the fact that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and can spoil your digestive system. Nicotine, present in cigarette is very harmful for your nervous system. The situation of a smoker is same like drug addicted people. As drug adductors are unable to live without drugs as same as smokers can’t live without cigarette. Now, smokers have become health conscious and they know bad effect of smoking that it ruins the health this is the reason they are ready to quit this habit. Many health institutions are coming forwards for their help.

To show their high status, many people smoke. For them it is a good habit. It stabilizes their mood and increases their confidence level. Teenagers giving preference to branded cigarettes. The people who are chain smokers they feel happiness when they smoke. They think like this they are able to forget all the worries and tensions of life. This is the reason; they do not want to quit this habit.

Smoking pollutes the air. Smokers spoil their position in the society by smoking on public places like public buses, trains, parks, roads and general public suffers frustratingly. Theses smokers, no doubt harass the general people around them. People who do not like to touch a cigarette they hate cigarette smokers. They do not even want to sit with them. Chain smokers always behave like uneducated people. You can easily recognize bad smokers with their long and pale nails, long hair, and untidy clothes because they spend all the time to enjoy cigarette.

By positive changes, one can easily quit smoking addiction. Doctors are suggesting for regular exercises. It helps to keep you busy during the day and helps to generate new cells in your body which by smoking already have spoiled. Many herbal and natural companies are manufacturing natural supplements like nicotine smoking cessation patch. These herbs impose positive effect on the smokers and day by day they overcome from this addiction.

If you are a cigarette adductor and are ready to quit this habit then health institutions and advisors give some suggestions: - firstly, in the moments of leisure people like to burn cigarette so you have to make your life busier. Only then you will be able to keep yourself away from this habit. Secondly, make habit of chewing gum. It keeps you mouth busier. Thirdly, make a habit to take regular exercises. These regular exercises help you to gain a lot.


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