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Quit Smoking with Champix: Smoking Cessation Measures

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 04:35 EST

Quit smoking with Champix refers to treatment for smoking cessation and this is one of the latest measures available to the smokers to get rid of this terrible bad habit. It has now been universally accepted that smoking addiction causes serious injury to the normal heath of humans.

It is a fact that several organs of the physique are badly affected for Smoking of tobacco. The damage is not limited to lungs infection or to cardiac crisis. Throat, tongue, mouth cavity, liver, kidney and several other parts are injured. Patients of hypertension, pulmonary complaints and even the diabetic patients suffer tremendously if they cannot quit smoking at an early stage. The scientists have discovered that impotency and even cancer, sometimes, are directly instrumented by excessive smoking of tobacco. Despite all is known, thousands of smokers have been found to fail in their attempt to free them from this bad habit. Millions of humanity smoke everyday and people in wider regions of the world have been trying best to find out measures so that men and women are saved from this kind of obvious destruction.Quit smoking with Champix describes how one should consume the Champix so that one feels least pleasure in smoking.

It is said that Champix has worked well in achieving the target in this sphere. Champix are pills which are advised to consume in a planned way. Quit smoking with Champix is a smoking cessation program for three months or 12 weeks. Champix has doses with power from 0, 5 mg to 1 mg. Smokers are instructed to consume the pills in gradually increasing doses from the 0.5 mg dose in the starting three days to one mg pill to the last 11 weeks. Sometimes, 12 week program of quit smoking with Champix does not yield the expected result. Smokers are then directed to follow the same program for the next 12 weeks.

Quit smoking with Champix is probably the most popular nicotine addiction detaching treatment. Consumption of the pills works in two ways:

1. Withdrawal symptom noticed in other forms of treatment is not experienced by the persons who have decided to quit smoking with Champix.
2. The smokers gradually miss the feeling of pleasure that he has valued so long while smoking tobacco.
3. Effect of nicotine does no more work in his brain.
People should note the following warnings while consuming the Champix pills:

1. Persons below 18 and pregnant women should not consume Champix.
2. Champix is not for those persons who have serious epilepsy of kidney ailments.
3. One should immediately contact a physician if one finds complaints like indigestion, headaches, flatulence, nausea etc.


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