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Racing Enthusiasts Drive Demand in Global Aftermarket for Motorcycle Full Exhaust Systems

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2017 05:57 EDT has added a new report to its repository, titled, “Global Aftermarket for Motorcycle Full Exhaust Systems 2017 - 2021.” It offers a complete study with detailed reports of historical market performance, present trends, and future prospects of the market across the world.

The report finds that the global aftermarket for motorcycle full exhaust systems will likely rise at a solid 13.15% CAGR between 2017 and 2021.
A motorcycle exhaust system expunges the hot gases from the engine after combustion and brings down. It is mainly comprised of header, mid-pipe, and muffler (slip-on). Currently, only super sport motorcycle owners have an aftermarket motorcycle full exhaust systems. It has been noticed that vendors are mostly concentrated in the developed markets.
A motorcycle full exhaust system is an aftermarket component that is used as a replacement for a complete stock exhaust system. It enhances performance and facilitates sound and style benefits. Further, it also accords more aesthetic appeal to motorcycles – something that is highly suited to the super sport motorcycle segment. The super sport motorcycle owners across the world are driving up demand for full exhaust systems. They are increasingly supplanting stock exhaust systems with aftermarket exhaust systems. Besides, the growth in the number of racing enthusiasts is generating demand for components that accord a racing feel to on-road motorcycles.
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In addition, developments such as titanium-based full system which bring about weight reduction and enhance performance of motorcycles is also serving to boost the market. One factor posing a challenge to the market is the steep cost associated with aftermarket full system fitment.
Having thrown light on the growth drivers and restraints, the report goes on to segment the global aftermarket for motorcycle full exhaust systems by the type of materials into aluminum-based full exhaust systems in motorcycles, carbon fiber-based full exhaust system, titanium-based full exhaust system, and stainless steel-based full exhaust system.
Geographically, the key segments of the global aftermarket for motorcycle full exhaust systems are the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Europe, Middle East and Africa. The report studies the size of market in each of the regions by factoring in sales and revenues. It also throws light share of each of the regions.
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In order to study the competitive landscape in the global aftermarket for motorcycle full exhaust systems, the report leverages market-leading analytical tools such as Porter’s Five Forces to understand the threats and opportunities awaiting the key players in the market. For further scrutiny of the market, the report lists prominent companies operating in it and their respective shares and growth prospects going forward. Some such companies are Akrapovic, FMF, Yoshimura, Vanes & Hines, Arrow, Cobra, Graves Motorsports, M4 Exhaust, and VooDoo Industries.