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Rainman Marketing Presents: The Ultimate Online Marketing Course

Press Release   •   Nov 10, 2010 15:07 EST

Clovis, California, 11/10/2010: Who is Rainman Marketing and what makes their online marketing course so special? Well, that’s what thousands of individuals are clicking into the website to find out. Online marketing is the hot new field everyone is trying to learn about and Rainman Marketing is poised to take a leadership role.

Whether you prefer the term internet marketing coaching or internet marketing mentoring, the fact of the matter is that having someone that is an expert marketer on your team to help you earn more money, advertise your business, and realize your dreams is priceless.

Internet marketing has become one of the hottest new trends over the last several years. Thousands of folks are giving it a whirl; but sadly, only a fortunate few ever earn any money. This has inspired many individuals to launch online marketing courses, coaching websites, and mentoring programs.

These programs are designed to give their customers the information they need to be successful in online marketing and offer regular dialogues with their coaches. However, many of these programs are only out there to sucker people into shelling out money for incomplete information and useless advice.

The World Wide Web offers so much free information and attempting to piece it all together doesn't ensure a successful outcome, no matter how resolute you are. At Rainman Marketing, we have a team of proven marketers that will help your business succeed. We’re an internet marketing mentoring and coaching center with over 3 decades of experience in some of the most competitive markets online. We’ve managed successful, profit generating marketing campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here at Rainman Marketing, we’ve recommended, promoted & endorsed iMMACC.com successfully since January 01, 2008. Our recommendation is based on our belief that iMMACC.com will provide the most excellent and valuable internet marketing coaching and mentoring based on our personal relationship with the owner and CEO, Gerald Van Yerxa.

Our Total Marketing Program provides access to over 700 hours of archived training PLUS you’ll instantly be able to connect with us on 3 LIVE training & mentoring sessions each week. Additionally, you may participate in our international affiliate program. We offer an affiliate program because we recognize that the very best way to market iMMACC (Internet Marketing Mentoring And Coaching Center) is via successful referrals made by our satisfied mentoring students & members.

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