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Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 00:48 EST

November 13, 2010 - Zilker Ventures is leading the way as one of the most prestigious companies related to email marketing services and email marketing software. With the demand for email marketing expanding in a regular basis, it comes as no surprise that this innovative company has taken matters into their own hands in order to provide the public with software that can help people to cut back on the time they would typically dedicate to contacting clients in order to promote, inform, and enlighten your prospective customers.

These unique forms of software can help to enhance your business by simplifying the process of creating and sending emails out to large amounts of people. You can create contact lists of any size and spread the information that is most valuable to the cause of your business. Through this head turning technological catalyst, you will be able to take advantage of templates, designs, and email creation wizards that help to take the edge off the task of bulk email tasks while simultaneously putting you a step ahead of the game by circulating your most valuable information with just a few simple mouse clicks.

With so much emphasis being placed on the positive results email marketing can yield, Zilker Ventures has pushed the envelope by integrating email marketing iPhone apps into their plethora of useful resources. You can now visit Email-Marketing-Options.com in order to read the rave reviews on some of the latest email marketing iPhone apps that are causing society to buzz. These methods of marketing are turning heads and causing an uproar amongst people looking to utilize promotional tools because of how efficient and cost-effective they are in accomplishing a number of tasks. Firstly, the cost is one of the most heavily weighted factors of marketing. With email marketing, you are able to save significant funds in comparison to other promotional mediums, such as direct mail or printed newsletters. Additionally, email marketing services are ideal for targeting specific groups of individuals, reporting data, due to the ability to track and analyze, and the accessibility that allows for the transfer of information from point A to point B in a timely, and effortless, manner.

The benefits of email marketing software are drawing an incredible amount of attention to Zilker Ventures and they are swiftly gaining notoriety throughout society. With the iPhone app creating a new level of marketing simplicity, you can now make the most of both home and mobile technology. Positive reviews are off the charts and revealing the significant difference that email marketing can make for your business. Whether your necessities are rooted in business promotion, fundraising, or content distribution, you can get the message of your choice circulating with more simplicity than ever before with the unique services and software options from Zilker Ventures.

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