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Reading Horizons at Home Web Site Homepage Redesigned to Focus on Dyslexia

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2010 11:56 EST

Reading Horizons at Home has redesigned the homepage of its Web site. The new homepage emphasizes how the Reading Horizons program can help dyslexics learn how to read.


Research has proven that multi-sensory teaching methods, which are employed by the Reading Horizons program, are the most effective in teaching dyslexics successful reading strategies. Reading Horizons reading specialist, Shantell Berrett, explained how the program works for dyslexics by stating: “It works because they get to use all of their senses. Their visual, kinesthetic, and auditory … they get to see how it just clicks for them.  It empowers them!” Berrett was introduced to Reading Horizons when she was looking for a solution for her dyslexic son’s reading problems.  Because of her success and excitement for the program she started her own reading clinic in Provo, Utah, and began working for Reading Horizons as a reading specialist a few years ago.  Her success story can be viewed at:


To help other dyslexics like Berrett’s son, the new homepage offers resources and information for individuals seeking solutions to the challenges presented by dyslexia. The homepage provides links to general information on dyslexia, describing the condition and the common symptoms. Another resource offered on the homepage is a sample dyslexia test to help individuals uncover if this is a condition about which they need to be aware. The homepage also offers what Reading Horizons calls “The Dyslexia Solution”: the Reading Horizons reading program. 


For more information on dyslexia and about Reading Horizons, visit the new homepage at:

Reading Horizons specializes in the development and distribution of a multi-sensory reading program that helps adults and individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, learn how to read.