Reason for Blizzard Not Remove EMFH Racial from WoW but Repeatedly Adjust It

Press Release   •   Dec 11, 2015 01:17 EST

Recently, the community manager of World of Warcraft posted a message on the PvP forum to show his plan to adjust “Every Man for Himself” and only give it the ability to remove stun effects without triggering the cooldown on Gladiator’s Medallion ability. However, due to its common use on stun effects, players doubt that change even make it better than before. EMFH issue is always the most controversial ability, so why Blizzard doesn’t remove it, but spend time adjusting it again and again? As far as Safewow is concerned, it is good to make subtle difference between classed.

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EMFH adjustment is a long-term and complex issue in wow

Human racial Every Man for Himself has been one of the greatest complaints among World of Warcraft PvP community during the last year or two. This overpowered ability has caused much imbalance in PvP. In update 6.2 of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has made some adjustments like reducing the effectiveness of on-use trinkets to make balance. And now with the changes to PvP gear and the introduction of PvP talents in Legion, new implementation is required. As primary plan, Blizzard will adjust the Human racial EMFH to only remove stun effects, sharing a 30 second cooldown with other similar effects. Besides, it won’t trigger the full 2-minute cooldown on your Gladiator’s Medallion ability (which is the Legion version of the current Medallion trinkets).

However, EMFH is never a simple issue. On the one hand, though some players regard it as a good direction to balance EMFH, considering it is always used to break stun, others believe that the Human Racial alteration is a buff rather than nerf while granting it more benefits on stun effect breaking. On the other hand, players who buy wow gold for PVE would complain that they should not screw with PvE while altering it for PVP. Thus, it is obviously before Blizzard finalizes EMFH adjustment, there should be a way to comfort PVEers, so why blizzard doesn’t remove it directly as players requested, but always take efforts to fix it?

It is cool to keep subtle difference in world of warcraft classes

It is not the first time that players have mentioned to remove Human racial from World of Warcraft, and it is not the first time that Blizzard has adjusted it. Why they are still kept in the game? As Lore ever said, keeping subtle difference is cool. When adjust the racial in wow patch 6.2, he held such an example: When a Rogue chooses Orc instead of Undead, or a Priest picks Night Elf instead of Dwarf, each of them would feel different in a way that isn't just cosmetic. Thus, although it would make you feel stupid when one is so much better than the others, there will always be a "best" race, just like there is also a "best" healer. That may be the reason why they want to balance it, but at the same time, keep the best option to remain some room of difference.

How much do you like Human Racial? Blizzard is still collecting feedback so that this change is not the final. Just keep a positive attitude to show your thoughts, and never miss cheap wow gold on Safewow with varying promotions enabled in Safewow 2015 Xmas Party!

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