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Rebtel Hands Us The Only REAL Unlimited Calling to India via App and Says International Calling Barriers - What? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Press Release   •   Aug 05, 2015 11:03 EDT

Rebtel, (, has thrown down the gauntlet and officially made a play for the telecom throne this month with the release of the only REAL Unlimited Calling to India Plan, costing just $8.00 a month, with the first month free. “So what,” you say? Unlimited plans have been announced before? No Biggie. Well, surprisingly enough the dirty truth is no they have not. Not an actual app or plan that offers true unlimited calling to India without insanely deceptive hidden fees, minute overages, and deviously hidden costs. According to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and the CIA there are an estimated 3,443,063 Indian Americans living within the United States and 1,250,000,000 worldwide that are being terribly ripped off by both calling cards and competitors. That’s an insanely large number. In response to this, Rebtel is not holding back releasing the Unlimited Calling to India offer via their iPhone and Android apps.

Varun Atrey, US Marketing Manager says “At Rebtel, we do things differently. Most of our competitors treat their customers as silly immigrants that can’t read the fine print. Our customers are a different type of user and breed. They are the budget conscious Rebels who do things like pass up medical school to launch a tech company, date adventurously on Tinder, and have an unyielding curiosity and zest for life. They are the positive realists, the ones who sing it all out loud, obsessive online shoppers, the charging bulls in the proverbial china shop.”

So just how is Rebtel able to provide an Unlimited Calling Plan to India that just won’t quit? Well, the process is simpler than anyone could imagine. Let’s say that Manish, an artist in San Francisco, wants to call his mother, living in India, to give her the daily update that she so vehemently requests. Rather than making an international call using his mobile operator (let’s say, Verizon), that will cause him to pay an expensive rate per minute, Manish can simply visit, buy the unlimited plan and download the app. Easy peasy. Manish is now able to save a fortune on international calling, while keeping in regular touch with his loved ones overseas.

“Who wants to lose those connections due to cost concerns? It’s insanity and an unnecessary evil that we are about to zap out. The Indian community does not want hidden charges.” continues Atrey, “They want to connect when they want, and where they want. They want value and we are handing it to them and saying this belongs to you.”

Want to hit up and get additional deets on Rebtels Unlimited Calling to India plan or connect for media purposes, email or call 1.877.841.7244. To download the app visit:


From its beginnings as a plucky start-up intent on disrupting the telecom industry to its present day status as one of the most successful digital international calling companies in the world, Rebtel has always remained true to its vision of providing user friendly, cheap, and high quality communication to immigrant communities across the globe. Rebtel was founded in 2006 and is a profitable company with a turnover of $95 million in 2014. Rebtel is headquartered in Stockholm with team members across the globe.