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Relocation Help for Parents in the form of Efficient and Affordable School Search Assistance is now available

Press Release   •   Feb 24, 2013 07:00 EST

In the rapidly shrinking global economy today, it is common to find people moving with their families across states and even continents in the course of their careers. One of the main concerns of parents is to find the best schools that meet their kids’ current and future education needs. Schools ‘N More offers a solution for busy parents by providing affordable School Search Assistance, based on the child’s specific requirements, such as language options, religious affiliations or any other special need. Parents can request a search for the best public and private schools, Montessoris, International, CBSE, ICSE schools as well as preschools.

Schools ‘N More’s provides assistance in the form of school information such as curriculum, performance and easy school reports that are available through various departments of education and school boards. Additionally, admission departments of the schools are also contacted for details like admission requirements and fee structures. Parents are given complete information to help them make the all- important decision and choose their kids’ school.

Many times, the proximity of high quality schools and activities can determine the choice of the family home. Schools ‘N More also provides easy and best school reports options that give parents information on best ranked schools in a state, school district or city zone, thus helping them make home buying or renting choices that work for the entire family.

When families relocate, it’s not just schools that are important but also kids’ activities. Schools ‘N More’s Class Search makes it easy to find the whole range of learning activities for kids from ballet classes to Kumon to martial arts “We aim to provide low cost relocation assistance when it comes to finding the right school or activities for families that move – globally or locally” says Shruta Vishwanath, a founder of Schools ‘N More. An International move can be particularly stressful due to unfamiliar school systems, curriculums and cultural differences in education. Schools ‘N More provides practical information in the form of Curriculum, Culture and Activity Guides.

Schools ‘N More aims to present the best education practices and media in our complex world and make it accessible to parents everywhere. An Online Resources section on their website highlights and reviews some of the top educational apps for kids and websites while their Tips ‘N Tools section feature first person experiences and interviews with parents and teachers from all around the world.

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Company Profile: Schools ‘N More provides information on over 9000 schools, 4000 activities across multiple countries. Their founders are ex-US financial services executives with extensive experience at Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. They also happen to be concerned mothers who want to explore the unlimited world of learning available to kids today.

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