Rescuecom Recommends Customers Turn Off 4G in Rural Areas

Press release   •   Mar 14, 2012 13:54 EDT

Syracuse, NY ( 3/14/12 – Rescuecom believes that informed consumers make smarter and better purchases. To that end, Rescuecom wants to inform mobile computer support customers about a possible mobile computer support problem with 4G service. Since its invention, cellphone service has gone through three “generations” and is now moving on to the fourth. Most of the country has third generation (3G) service available to them, which is how smartphones originally received data from the Internet – a 3G service. Fourth generation (4G) service is still relatively new and coverage with this much faster service is not available in many places.

Most of the high-end new smartphones, which can cost $300 even with a two-year contract, advertise their 4G abilities. These smartphones can use 4G service and will if it is available. When 4G is not available, however, they are no faster than a 3G phone. The only difference then is the hardware of the phone, which can be a relatively small difference despite a huge price difference.

Rescuecom wants to remind rural mobile computer repair customers that if they do not live in a city, or next to a major highway, it is unlikely that 4G service will be available. A 4G phone’s constant search for 4G service quickly depletes the battery power available for performing any tasks. Many of Rescuecom’s mobile computer support customers have found that they need to recharge their battery after only half a day.

Rescuecom’s professional mobile computer repair technicians recommend mobile computer support customers turn off the 4G on their smartphones when they do not have 4G service. By doing so, the battery will not only last longer that day, but it will last longer over the life of the phone and therefore require less mobile computer repair. If the battery drains too much, too often, it can lose its ability to hold a charge at all. That is when many mobile computer support customers replace their phone, because on many embedded battery smartphones, users cannot replace the battery without the help of Rescuecom’s certified mobile computer repair technicians.

If users require mobile computer support help with their 4G smartphones, Rescuecom’s professional mobile computer repair techs are available 24/7/365. They are prepared to fix any and all mobile computer support and mobile computer repair problems customers encounter.



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