Rescuecom Warns Against Unwittingly Giving Away Information

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2012 09:43 EST

Syracuse, NY ( 2/21/12 – Over the years, companies have used different methods of getting customers onto their mailing lists. Many times people do not even realize they are signing up for a mailing list. Rescuecom, a leader in the field of Internet security and computer support, wants to warn consumers about the Internet security hazards of giving away personal information.

Everyone who shops at Taco Bell or Wal-Mart has gotten a receipt with an offer on the back to win money by filling out an online survey. What many people do not realize is that if they go to that website and fill out the survey, the company will add them to a mailing list. By entering their email address, name, home address, phone number, and birth date (or any combination of this information) customers are told they could win money or a prize. Yes, they have a chance win those items, but they will definitely receive junk mail or spam emails that could cause their computers to need computer support.

Taco Bell and Wal-Mart are not the only corporations to use this mailing list scheme, but they are the most recognizable. Customers who fill out these surveys are endangering their Internet security. It is entirely possible that the company that now has all of your personal information could sell that information. Cybercriminals could get to that information by hacking into the company’s website and use it to obtain your credit card or social security number. They could even use your information to download malware onto your computer, which requires a good malware detention and elimination product such as Rescuecom’s Internet Security Suite to fix. If you do not have an Internet security program, your computer may even need computer support to remove the malware. It is important to take your Internet security seriously and consider the possible risks when providing companies with information about yourself.

There are ways to bolster your Internet security if you are worried about protecting your private information. Many computer support companies offer Internet security programs, such as the Rescuecom Internet Security Suite. These programs provide firewalls, spam protection, virus protection, and phishing warnings to fortify your Internet security and provide computer support to ensure you do not lose private information. Rescuecom’s computer support technicians are available 24/7/365 to advise consumers about threats to their information privacy.

By not informing their customers that the corporation is adding them to a mailing list, and the possible Internet security threats that go with it, corporations who use this mechanism are betraying consumers’ trust. Rescuecom advises consumers to be vigilant about Internet security and carefully consider to whom they give out information.




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