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Retailing in the Philippines - Market Summary & Forecasts

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2016 04:05 EST has recently announced the addition of a market study “ Retailing in the Philippines - Market Summary & Forecasts”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.


The Philippines retail sector is expected to witness healthy growth over the next five years, backed by improving economic conditions, government efforts to boost domestic consumption, relatively low inflation levels, and increasing disposable income. The growing ubiquity of high-speed internet access and the increasing adoption of mobile devices are fueling the growth of sales through the online channel, and the trend is expected to gain further traction over the next five years.

Key Findings

- Real-estate developers are broadening their horizons into the retail market

- Online continues to be the most sought after channel for consumers

- The luxury sector is set to witness healthy growth in the forecast period

- Food and grocery accounts for a major share of the countrys total retail sales


Retailing in the Philippines Market Summary & Forecasts, 20152020 provides data for historic and forecast retail sales, and also includes information on the business environment and country risk related to the Philippines retail environment. In addition, it analyzes the key consumer trends influencing the Philippines retail industry.

The report also offers:

- In-depth analysis of the latest trends in consumer shopping, covering the factors driving shopping, consumer insights, market dynamics (covering 26 product categories), and reviews of the latest best practice in online retail site design

Download The sample Copy Of This Report:

- Market insights based on consumer trends, changing economic and demographic factors, technology innovations, and other macroeconomic factors

- Retail sales and fastest-growing product categories including Clothing, Footwear, Books, News and Stationery, Electrical and Electronics, Food and Grocery, Health and Beauty, Furniture and Floor Coverings, Home and Garden Products, Music, Video and Entertainment Software, Sports and Leisure Equipment, Jewelry, Watches and Accessories, and Luggage and Leather Goods

- Qualitative and quantitative insights of changing retail dynamics across various channels

Reasons To Buy

- Gain comprehensive knowledge on 26 products across 12 product sectors in the Philippines retail market and develop a competitive advantage around consumer behavior trends from the start of your supply chain

- Explore novel opportunities that will allow you to align your product offerings and strategies to meet demand by analyzing the vital economic and population trends, key consumer, and technology trends influencing the retail market

- Investigate current and forecast behavior trends in each category to identify the best opportunities to exploit

- Analyze the recommended actions to align your marketing strategies with the crucial trends influencing consumer behavior

- Understand the fastest-growing categories in the market with insights on performance of individual product categories, across key channels from 2010, with forecasts until 2020

- Analysis of key international and domestic players operating in the Philippines retail market including store counts and revenues that give you a competitive edge and identify opportunities to improve your market share

Table Of Content

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

2 Executive Summary & Outlook

3 Market Context

3.1 Strengthening economy, rising consumer confidence, and favorable government policies are setting positive expectations to retailers

3.1.1 Filipinos are the most optimistic consumers in the world

3.1.2 Service remains the dominant sector for employment

3.1.3 Overall unemployment is stable but youth unemployment is a concern

3.1.4 Contracting prices of domestic and international commodities has an impact on inflation

3.1.5 Rising consumption expenditure is a positive sign for retailers

3.2 Rising number of young population will fuel the retail sector in the country

4 Filipino Shoppers

4.1 The increasing adoption of internet and smartphones creates opportunities for retailers in the country

4.2 Grocery retailers play a vital role in the overall retail market

4.3 Luxury sector set to witness rapid growth during the forecast period

4.4 Real estate developers are broadening their horizons into the retail market

5 Doing Business in the Philippines

5.1 Summary

5.1.1 Bureaucracy

5.1.2 Business culture

5.1.3 Geography

5.1.4 Infrastructure and Logistics

5.1.5 Key business reforms

6 Internet and Technology

6.1 Broadband

6.2 Mobile phones

6.3 Internet

6.4 Social media is shaping the retail market

7 Retail Topline

7.1 Total Retail

7.1.1 Online sales & growth

7.2 Summary of Product Sectors

7.2.1 Share of key product sectors

7.2.2 Key product sectors

7.3 Summary of Channels

7.3.1 Spend per channel

7.3.2 Online penetration of key product sectors

8 Retail - Product Sectors

8.1 Product Sector Analysis

8.1.1 Clothing

8.1.2 Footwear

8.1.3 Books, News, and Stationery

8.1.4 Electrical and Electronics

8.1.5 Food and Grocery Health and Beauty