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Rock Pocket Games and Kool Produktion release English version of critically acclaimed children app Ella Bella Bingo for iOS Devices.

Press Release   •   May 22, 2012 03:00 EDT

TØNSBERG, Norway, May 22nd, 2012 – Rock Pocket Games and Kool Produktion announced the release of “Ella Bella Bingo”, the English version of their critically acclaimed Scandinavian iOS Children app “Elleville Elfrid” which is also nominated as best Nordic Children Game at Nordic Game 2012.

Ella Bella Bingo was created in co-production with Kool Produktion AS, the masterminds behind the children's show “Elleville Elfrid” first seen on the public broadcaster channel NRK Super. While exploring Ella Bellas’s world and encountering the main characters from the show, the kids choose between 9 different games from painting applications to soccer, memory games, puzzles, building with blocks and much more. For convenience, there are three difficulty levels to choose from in most games. Paintings created with the application are not only displayed within the app itself in Ella Bella’s room, they can also be stored on the devices for sharing and/or printing.

“The focus of the app was always to not only recreate Ella Bella’s world, but also port the educational merit of the show into an app which parents can stand behind buying, and the kids would love to play. We wanted to create a game that would advance children's creativity as well as assist parents in teaching values that are important for children's growth in a playful and relaxed way. Who says educational games have to be boring?”

To achieve this, Rock Pocket Games worked closely with Myrertoppen Kindergarten in Oslo, who gave them invaluable feedback during the different development stages. The children, aged 2 to 6, were able to play-test the alpha and beta versions at their own pace and came back with feedback. “After all, just because we might think something is fun doesn’t mean the kids agree with us.” says Ivan Moen.
This ultimately led to the product everyone involved is very proud of; a children's game that is fun to explore, engages the kids in a multitude of different ways, such as creativity, reaction, comprehension, exploration, mathematical skills and problem solving, as well as delivering the high quality and finish Rock Pocket Games is known for.

All of this packed into a very intuitive and engaging pastime application you can confidently give to your kid during a long drive with the certainty that he/she will be entertained for quite a while.

Two different applications are available: The main Ella Bella Bingo app and the winter themed Ella Bella Winter Fun. Both apps are universal; one download gives you access to both the iPhone and iPad version.

For more information:
Natascha Roeoesli, -  +47 91684738
Frank Mosvold, - Kool Produktion AS, +47 22417100
More information about Ella Bella:

About Rock Pocket Games

Rock Pocket Games is a small indie studio located in Norway. The company has developed a wide range of mobile games of varied genres and for all age groups. In 2010 their physic puzzler “The Package” was game of the week in the US App store. The team is currently concentrating on development on Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers.

About KOOL Produktion AS

KOOL Produktion AS, with producer Frank Mosvold at the lead, is the creator of the preschool “Ella Bella Bingo” universe.   The Ella Bella Bingo animated TV-series has been sold to NRK, YLE, DR and hop!