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Roses Underground: The Action Series: Support of This Project in a Forthcoming Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign Means a Strong Vote for Diversity in Hollywood

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2016 14:29 EDT

31:30 Productions, through the lead of Director Sophia Reaves, has completed two episodes of its forthcoming web series, “Roses Underground.” The production company is launching a crowd funding campaign by the month’s end in an effort to raise the remaining amount needed to finish the production of the additional episodes leading to the completion of the entire series. The intense action series is focused on strong roles for women, and features a highly skilled and diverse cast and crew, which provides a platform on which they have showcased their talent and expertise. “Roses Underground” rises to the occasion in terms of bringing an entertaining and engaging production to the forefront, while not only putting an emphasis on diversity in the area of talent, but also by creating greater opportunities for talented minorities and various ethnic groups.

In a recent interview, director and actress Sophia Reaves discussed how much setting an impeccable example in terms of “walking the walk” of establishing diversity in TV and film means to her. Reaves stated, “I want to affect those I work with in a positive manner by creating an atmosphere of respect, appreciation, cooperation, and camaraderie, so that they may go forth and implement positive change within the industry. I also want to keep fighting for females and those of color to be recognized by the industry and to enjoy equal pay as well.” She continued to state, “I am blessed to have worked with some of the most talented people. It was truly a joy working with the cast and crew of 'Roses Underground.' I appreciated those that gave their all, those who went above and beyond what was expected to insure the success of the project. We were able to build a sense of family and high regard for one another.” Not only is the production about empowering those involved, where they now know firsthand that the underdog can prevail, she wants to inspire the general public as well. According to a member of the crew, it is immensely important to her that she sets a positive example, not only for Hollywood to follow, but society as a whole. Director, Sophia Reaves concluded, “I want the public to come away with a sense of empowerment that the underdog can succeed, that underlying each character is a story that has shaped them, and that these stories will resonate with the audience, who will relate to the various characters represented. I trust that the audience be touched by the intriguing drama which will ensue as we witness the characters evolve and overcome their life challenges.” Through the web series of Roses Underground, Director Sophia Reaves strives to demonstrate the belief that one’s past if difficult, does not define one’s future. Sophia Reaves, concluded, “This is reflected in my own experience as I have seen that positive change is possible if one works hard to reach their dreams, doing work they love, and by demonstrating a positive example that also inspires others.”

Reaves promotes strong female roles in her production, which is not the historical or current norm in Hollywood in terms of the general consensus, and she casts diverse talent providing numerous opportunities to exceptional crew members from every background. The crowd funding campaign will be an engaging campaign, offering exciting incentives to those who want to support the project and make their vote count toward a more diverse Hollywood, as well as to create greater opportunities for those who are immensely talented but have not had the opportunity to fully showcase their skills. The public is advised that before the month’s end this production will make its first appearance on Indiegogo’s crowd funding platform, offering an engaging platform where the members of the general public will feel truly involved in history in the making and as one with the production, as they participate and back this production.

In the interim, for more about Roses Underground: The Action Series please visit the production’s Facebook page for up to date announcements, found here:, or the project page on, found here: News release provided by Publicist / Actress/ Director/Producer and Advocate Lisa Pellegrene. Media wishing to interview Director Sophia Reaves, please contact her directly at

Roses Underground, "a female action series" is a production of 31:30 Productions, a production company founded by Sophia Reaves. The production company is one which focuses on creating additional opportunities for talent in the industry, maintaining a focus and a true understanding regarding the importance of diversity.