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Press Release   •   Aug 08, 2017 22:22 EDT

Do you want to enjoy buy rs 3 gold better-than-ever benefits from catching Crystal Skillchompa? You’d better study it before you are going to catch it. And RS cheap gold is also what you need. At the same time there are some improvements for Skillchompa you need to learn.

Crystal Skillchompa - new level 97 hunter creature or a special type of weapon
The new level 97 hunter creature - Crystal skillchompa can be found at the far side of the Isafdar Forest, on the coast just north of Tyras Camp. You can catch it with box traps and its preferred bait “Spicy Tomatoes”. And when caught, it will transform into stackable Crystal Skillchompa, which can be used from 61 Divination, Fishing, Mining or Woodcutting to give benefits in the relevant skill.?
The RuneScape Skillchompa gives an extra 10% XP on successful completion of an action. However, when unsuccessfully, it will give XP equal to 5% of having successfully completed an action. For example, normally mining coal grants 50 XP; using the Skillchompa grants 2.5% XP each time you try to mine coal unsuccessfully and 55 XP when successfully.
In addition, it also offers specific benefits in the skills it aids. When used to train Mining and woodcutting, it functions as a crystal pickaxe or crystal hatchet, respectively. And when used in Divination, it grants an additional 22.5% chance to get an enriched memory when harvesting wisps. When used to train fishing, it gives an extra 5% chance to catch a fish or item. This offers an expensive, but a bit faster way to train relatively slow skills.?

Five RuneScape Skillshompa improvements?
Jagex also have done some improvements to make the Skillchompa more useful for training skills.
1.You have the chance to catch several Skillchompas at any Agility level, which rewards XP for every Skillchomap caught.?
2.When achieving certain Agility thresholds, you have a guaranteed chance to catch multiple Skillchompas.?
3.The Skillchompa can work from your inventory besides while wielded.
4.Even during combat Box Traps can be placed.
5.Using skillchompa grants Invention tool XP on failing a skilling action.

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