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Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2016 02:31 EST

Dear RS players, do you runescape 3 gold know Hardcore Ironman Mode in Old School RuneScape. It’s said that as one of the most challenging ways to play OSRS, few of players can accomplish Hardcore Ironman Mode. Do you want to have a try on this difficult mode?

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What makes the Hardcore Ironman Mode so difficult?
Hardcore Ironman Mode encourages the player to be self-sufficient. And this mode is locked out of interactions with other players. In this mode, the players can’t use the Grand Exchange or change items with other players. Players must stand alone with the smallest of mistakes potentially ending your Hardcore journey. So it’s hard for players challenge this mode.
The update of the Hardcore Ironman firsts
Hardcore Ironman Mode was released in 2014. By far only few players have accomplished the quest in this mode. Here we want to say congratulations to HC Hyger, HC Umea & Maining. They three updated the Hardcore Ironman firsts. HC Umea became the first player to achieve a quest point cape on November 28, 2016. Maining became the first player to complete the quest Monkey Madness 2 on November 27, 2016. And HC Hyger became the first player to kill the boss Zulrah in Hardcore Ironman Mode on Nov. 27th, 2016. They are very brave to challenge this difficult mode. And we really feel happy for their achievement.
Although the Hardcore Ironman Mode is hard, there are still many brave players fighting in it. If you also want to have a try in this mode, just try your best to fight in it without thinking that how difficult it is. Maybe you will the next player to update the Hardcore Ironman firsts. By the way if you need OSRS gold in other modes or other quests, you can buy cheap OSRS gold on Rs3gold. Rs3gold always provide customers cheap OSRS gold with fast delivery. We deal our orders almost within 10 minutes. Buying gold from our site, you don’t need long waits so you can get more fun from your playtime.

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