Safewow 10% off astral diamonds Neverwinter and Strongholds Patch Note with VIP Program & Vote Kick on PC

Press Release   •   Aug 12, 2015 03:29 EDT

As scheduled, Neveriwnter Strongholds will hit the shelves today. Cryptic Studios cannot wait to publish the patch note already for Nevereinter Mod 7, Strongholds. The new subscription model, VIP Program, and the Vote Kick system have brightened the new module of Neverwinter, as well as Strongholds structures and rewards unveiled before.

Limitations and rules about Vote kick in Neverwinter Strongholds

As the last report about Neverwinter Vote Kick System said, players can no longer be kicked after a dungeon boss has been killed or when items of Rare quality or greater are on the ground. The new Vote Kick system can be used in normal dungeons with only 3 players.

But what if one of the teammates get disconnected midway? Will the run be screwed? And will the group be forced to underman it? All these answers can only be found after Neverwinter Strongholds release.

VIP Program is coming with the new module in Neverwinter

It is certain that VI Program as a new optional purchase will come with Strongholds, and offer subscribers free daily items, bonus XP, Neveriwnter Astral Diamonds and more. You can check more details about the VIP Program here.

Except for those free items and neveriwnter diamonds, you can also unlock the ability to summon a portable bank, mail and even open the Overworld Map. You can share those benefits with nearby friends.

In addition to the above features, the new module will allow people to use mounts starting at level 4, and also fix the issues existing in mod 6 as well. It is said that everything on PC Neverwinter will be available on Xbox when Mod 6 drops. To return, Strongholds is coming into Neverwinter PC. So hurry up to snap up neverwinter astral diamonds for sale on Safewow now.

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