Safewow 10% xbox astral diamonds neverwinter for Elemental Evil Preparation

Press Release   •   Aug 20, 2015 02:29 EDT

It has spread that Elemental Evil will release on Xbox One version of Neverwinter in September, along with new content and features. But it is not enough at all. As time goes, it is time for you to buy Neverwinter Diamonds Xbox and learn something helpful for battles, like active companions, in preparation.

The Zhentarim Warlock is the best companion for proc'ing Rune stones. Her Eldritch Blast has no cooldown, and her other AOE hits really hard. She also stays at range and does her best to stay out of trouble. But the Warlock is a promotional companion, and you have to spend neverwinter xbox one cheap astral diamonds in trying and acquiring it.

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Besides, the dire wolf is another one in combat. If you have a class that can maintain CA all the time like a CW, the wolf will knock stuff down left and right. It's pretty hilarious actually. But it can synergize well with Aspect of the Pack. Moreover, it stays close to you and attacks when you are in combat.

Last, the Owl might be a good choice for a summoned companion. In particular, it has three attacks with low cool-downs so that it offers more chances to proc the runestones. Though it is listed as a Striker, it has an attack (Wing Buffet) that generates increased threat, and is immune to damage while using Wing Buffet (when fully leveled).

In a word, ranged companions with low CDs should be the ideal choices in Neverwinter Elemental Evil Xbox, because they tend to die less and the low CDs allow for more frequent bonding stone procs.

What we only know about mod 6 release date is a Tuesday. So what we can do is to get prepared before September. Now you can buy astral diamonds neverwinter cheap xbox one with 10% off code “NWXBOX” on Safewow to farm more in-game stuff, unlock boons, and do campaign task before mod6 hits.

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