Safewow 20% off astral diamonds neverwinter for Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2015 01:41 EST

Good news! If you have missed the Black Friday sale to buy some cheap neverwinter items, now it is your chance again! The Cyber Monday sale is running in Neverwinter PC and Xbox to offer 50% off for everything in Zen Market. With all packs, epic mounts and other goodies offering, what will you pay your Zen on? Get some tips from other players and maximize your benefit during the last hours!

Merry christmas,Time to join safewow XMAS Party now:20% off neverwinter astral diamonds and other hot products on safewow during Every 03:00a.m. GMT from Dec.9 to Dec. 11, 2015 .

The 20% off link:

50% off sale runs for all items in Neverwinter Zen Market

What time zone are you in? To clarify, the cyber sale is beginning on Monday, November 30 at 10am PST (1 PM EST, 18GMT) and will last to Tuesday, December 1 at 9:59am PST. Thus, we are about halfway through the Cyber Monday Sale. Now let’s see what amazing items you can catch from Zen market with this 50% off.

1. Enchanted Keys: You won’t want to miss the chance to buy some cheap keys, especially for PC adventurers who are now accessible to the new Glorious Resurgence Lockbox, which allows you to choose desired reward rather than gamble and clutter your inventory. By contrast, xbox one players can also buy keys to open Crushing Wave Lockbox.
2. New Companions: PC players can now buy the Grazilaxx Companion Bundle. This mind flayer companion can accompany with you in Underdark adventures and increase the amount of Demonic Ichor you gain. As for Xbox players, they can get the new Crab companion, whose active bonus grants a 10% chance on dealing damage to root the target for 3 seconds.
3. VIP pack: This must be one of the most amazing additions in Neverwinter this year, allowing players to buy VIP time, enjoy kinds of privileges, and get additional Neverwinter Astral Diamonds and enchanted keys for bonus. Now with the 50% off sale, it is the best time to buy it and upgrade your rank.
What to spend your limited money on within Cyber sale?

With this big sale, we may want to get all amazing items. However, before purchasing something, you’d better figure out what to spend your zen on. Should you buy RP to get gear ranked up to legendary, any companions for a TR, a few bags and all blood rubies, or keys to increase your holdings? Well, if you have enough Zen, the suggestion is just spend all your Zen on Blood Ruby packs and sell them later or during a 2x RP event, you'll make around 30% profit! But if you are kinda a free-to-play person who plan on throwing a $20 or so into the game, then the epic mount is one of the best purchases you can make here. Just make sure to choose one that is account bound that can be claimed on any future characters you create (all mounts bought from the Zen market were account wide, while those from a fancy lockbox mount at an auction is single-use).

Along with the 50% off sale in game, Safewow is holding a small quiz on Facebook every Monday to award winners an $80 gift pack, containing up to $20 cash coupons that can be used to buy any products, like cheap neverwinter astral diamonds on safewow. Stay tuned and join in us!

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