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Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 04:05 EST

On December 21 last year, Blizzard has powered down the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha for holidays and told that it will return in January of new year. Now as we have stepped into 2016, the “Bug Hunter” Zorbix disclosed on his twitter that the alpha test will come back soon. It is worth mentioning that there will be new build and new content this time!

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Late last year, Blizzard has opened the World of Warcraft Legion alpha took for some time to allow testers to have a first look at what is to come and catch data about how the alpha version of the expansion will hold up. Though it is not full releasing, wow fans got excited while knowing that new Demon Hunter class, kinds of artifacts, Class Hall and more will come in Legion. While the test is being paused for holidays, fans are eager to know when it will be re-opened, and whether it would open for more people who didn’t get access previously.

According to Zorbix, the Bug Hunter, also the assistant Test Lead for World of Warcraft Quality Assurance, the alpha test will come back soon with new build and new contents. “No ETA yet for Legion Alpha realms returning. Goal is to bring it up w/ new build, new content. Previous build we had out is now outdated.” Said by the Bug Hunter on his twitter on January 4, 2016

Though the “No ETA” didn’t tell when the alpha will exactly return, the fact that they will provide a new build with new content has caught many fans’ hearts. Will protection paladin spec activated in next phase of testing? Will the new content include ferals? If the new build means there will be more invite waves? The last one must be the most popular concern. Maybe Blizzard needs to find a way to open the test for wider community. It hurts much if one run in wow for ten years but doesn’t get any chance of contributing to the efforts by rooting out bugs in the alpha.

Just hope that those die-hard players can get the chance in the upcoming phase, or get a Bug-Free game as a way of compensating. Whatever, you can enjoy cheapest wow gold on safewow and prepare for Legion, whose launch aimed at September 2016.

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