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In this process, the identity and play has also been replaced several times. Banditry, evil. Thief, when pirates. Of course, countless kill, every minute equipment in need of repair. In this process, the knowledge of the mentality change a lot of players in this summary under individual Opinions, if unfortunate enough to be in words, let me see you for the psychological quality and affordability.

run business:If you are a business players, the rich want to achieve your career in this game, then you must take the business route. From the outset engagement "giant Dream" start, you have to embark on this lonely "no return" was. And this dream road, is not so easy as you might think, with flourishes, helpless unarmed but you wicked again repeatedly been robbed on the road leading to the dream. What are the technical time players, sit back and wait like waiting for ArcheAge Gold For sale you Yangruhukou, while you were here again and again without success, gradually give up your dreams, and even began to decide to remove the irritating game.

Analysis: These ArcheAge players are mostly like to do business or do not like fighting sister of ArcheAge players, but just because they hate killings, so do a wealthy farmer now. Frustration is that this game is currently defined in the wild can be ruthless killing, banditry is also a great fun game, it can be said that a different type of play, such as pirates. Therefore, the choice to be a businessman, you should have to bear the psychological pressure being robbed, met hostile players, you are Nanbian, but with the mainland and you can not win, can only watch as his running hard goods were stolen. So, if you do not have a strong bear psychological and learn how to work to stagger this to happen, for example, together with a few more run business, there must be a few can resist partners. Otherwise, this play is really not for you.

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