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Press Release   •   Jan 27, 2016 03:41 EST

Receiving over one million players within a week after launch, Blade & Soul in the west will award the excited community with more contents - The Rising Waters update is ready for deployment on February 10. Along with it are three pieces of new end game contents and the first blade & soul pvp preseason! Time to buy cheapest BNS Gold on safewow for preparation! Happy New Year 2016!Time to join safewow 2016 Happy Wednesday for 10% off Blade and Soul Gold buying on 2016 every Wednesday(10% off code:WED).

Three new pve content will come with Rising Waters

Mushin’s Tower in Blade & Soul Rising Waters UpdateOnce the Rising Waters update releases next month, blade & soul players will get access to three pieces of new max-level pve content, which will help them to increase martial abilities.
Firstly, Bloodshade Harbor will bring new challenges to max-level players to fight against the Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss, Admiral Hae Mujin himself in three version of dungeons, including a 4 or 6 player Heroic dungeon, as well as a 24 player Nightmare dungeon.
Secondly, the single player Heroic dungeon, the 1-7 floors Mushin's Tower will be released with rewards for each floor completed. The higher floor, the bigger challenge, and the rewards will be greater as well.
Thirdly, the Hongmoon Level 5 will allow players to level beyond 45, and unlock additional skill points to increase their character’s strength in combat.
First Blade & Soul PvP preseason will begin in February

Well, while there are a series of new contents for PVE players, PVP enthusiasts never bee ignored. According to the official announcement, the first PvP preseason will begin on February 10 when Rising Waters releases. At that time, players will get a new in-game UI to see how their skills stack up, and earn a new Blade & Soul PvP currency, Zen Beans from competing against others. Additionally, the NCSoft team also told that players will be able to earn the high-level rewards when Season 1 pvp comes in a future update.

Rising Waters update is only two weeks away, so as the new pve content and the pvp preseason. During this final waits, just buy cheapest BNS Gold for sale on safewow and stay tuned for more information to make full preparation!

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