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Press Release   •   Jan 22, 2016 02:55 EST

Within less than one week after Blade and Soul released in western region, many servers have be overcrowded. However, what unexpected was that many people’s accounts were blocked for unknown reason. If you still have your account, avoid using WTFast or any type of ping reduction tool, which were found to be a reason that makes account blocked. But if your account was blocked, follow the suggestions below to get them back.
WTFast/ VPN might result in account being locked

If you have visited the Blade and Soul forums and reddit these recent days, you might find that many players have the same problem - account being blocked without any reason. According to those players, the system just said account got locked for suspicious activity, but never mention what kind of suspicious activity they have touched.
However, after looking through discussions on forums and reddit, it turned out that many blocked accounts have ever used WTFast or VPN for Ping booster or reduction. Though the reason that leads to being blocked may be others, as the NCSoft team told on twitter that “The cases need to reviewed by support”, it is recommended to stop using those Ping Reduction Tools before things are clear. And as most botters are using WTFast, you will risk your account if you do that.
Ways to contact NCSoft team for blocked account

It is sad that players (especially Founders that pay for head start) who expect for a first experience but only find they are not allowed to log in, so following are the suggestions to help you contact the NCSoft team and get the block lifted if your met the same problems.

1. Make a new account to send ticket: Similar to other mmo games, NCSoft team requires players to submit a ticket if there is a problem need to be solved. However, when account was blocked, many players just cant even log on with their NC Accounts. Thus, if you want to send a ticket, the only way is to set up a new account, or you can try it by using your friend’s account.
2. Email to the Support Team: According to Community Manager’s answer on official forums, in the case that you cannot log in (and only in that case), you can reach to the Support Team by sending an email directly to:, and then they will assist you after verifying your identity.

Hope the suggestions can help and players get back their accounts. If you are lucky enough to have your account safe, stop using WTFast now before problems are fixed. BTW, another way to avoid being banned or blocked is to get legit gold. If you need safe blade & soul gold, come to safewow, where you can enjoy all clean gold farmed by our gamers, as well as an extra 8% discount by using the code "BNS8"!

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