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Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2017 03:29 EST

Last week, Illusionist's Gambit Skirmish was announced to come in Neverwinter Module 11. Today, Neverwinter Online introduces Spellplague Dungeon master version, which can match that new Skirmish. Here is a preview for the master version of Spellplague Caverns.

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A new look for Neverwinter Spellplague Dungeon

The latest update mainly focuses on lighting changes between the old and the new dungeon. First, in master version of Spellplague, the official team will update the light to smooth out some areas of harsh light and shadow. Thus the lighting in Spellplague dungeon master version will look more comfortable than before.

Besides, they will also provide more energy and life to the background with some new fx. When you move deeper into the Spellplague Caverns, you will see coronas of spellplague energy as the ritual comes closer to completion.

Changes to the boss rooms in the dungeon

Compared to the lighting updates, the changes to boo room are the essential difference between the old and new Spellplague Caverns. The master version of this dungeon will be packed with new story, new enemies and new challenges. If you want a leveling and nostalgic dungeon you can come to the old Spellplague Caverns. If you want a new challenge, you can take on the master version.

The first boss room doesn’t have any changes, for this boss always teleports players to his demiplane. But the official has duplicated all the geo from the “Kabal’s Caldera” repeatable instance and will make all of the maps for the repeatable wizard instances too.

If your item level is high enough or your teamwork is strong enough, you’ll eventually make your way to the second boss room where, in the original dungeon, you fought the Mouth of Madness.

The last but the foremost one is the final boss fight. To meet the requirements of the story, the official team will try their best to have some players see the Feywild while others see the Material Plane, while everyone is standing on the same pillar of invisible collision.

In addition, there will be some changes to the secret boss fight in the Spellplague Caverns as well.

Spellplague Dungeon master version will be very fantastic in Neverwinter Module 11 which goes live on February 21 for PC. Best luck to you to adventure Mod 11. And also, we have cheap neverwinter astral diamond for sale to all players. Have fun!

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