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Press release   •   Feb 24, 2017 02:34 EST

As dungeon key changes are settled down, Neverwinter module 11 is under development. Here is a datamining update of Neverwinter Mod 11 items from PTS, including Companions, Companion gearm and artifact weapons.

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Companion Gear

Six different stat combinations will be available for all types of slots (Grimoire, Icon, Necklace, Pactblade, Ring, Swordknot, Talisman and Waist) in Neverwinter mod 11. This gear comes in variants of +1 to +5. So this time, you should add Companion Gear to your grind list, along with Legendary Rings and Marks.


Next to the gear also a lot of actual Companions have been added, including:

Blue Fire Eye: +5% damage versus Kabal’s minions;

Volcanic Galeb Duhr: +5% damage versus Nostra’s minions;

Yeth Hound: +10% samage versus Gyrion’s minions.


Three unassigned Gorgon variants will be available for future giveaways, including Aberrant Gorgon, Fey Gorgon, and Firesoul Gorgon. All these mounts can increase your mounted movement speed by 110%. You can be dismounted if you suffer 5 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 10% or more of your hitpoints in a single attack.


Spellplague Caverns is going to drop a new Artifact called Fragmented Key of Stars.

Four Artifact Weapon sets for each class

1. When you damage an enemy or heal an ally, you have a chance to become Fey-touched, which can restore 10% of your AP, as well as increases your Outgoing Damage by 3% and your Outgoing Healing by 6% for 10 seconds. It happens once every 30 seconds.

2. When you damage an enemy, you have a chance to become Fortified, which increases your defense by 5% and adds your Defense to your Power, to a max of 30% increase of your total Power.

3. When you damage an enemy, there is a chance you become a Master of Illusion for 10 seconds, which can summon three illusions of yourself to fight for you. A Master of Illusion does 3% more damage, which increases by 10% against enemies with Shields and Temp HP. You can only be a Master of Illusion once every 30 seconds.

4. When you damage an enemy, there is a chance you will become a Far-Influenced, which increases your Outgoing Damage by 4% and grants you a random buff for 10 seconds.

Lifestealer: Increases your Lifesteal by 250;

Tainted Attack: Enemies you attack will take additional damage over time;

Impeding Death: enemies you attack will explode on death, doing damage to other foes.

You can only be Far-Influenced once every 30 seconds.

Note that you can buy the unrestored Weapons online or grind for the resources to restore them.

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