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Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2016 03:16 EST

Recently, the datamined site wowhead has unveiled the second Legion Alpha update of 2016, featuring the spell updates, items, and more. Among all information, the note that Minor Glyph Status will be removed reminded players of the cooldowns limitation for Shaman Totems. Why Blizzard remove spells that players love from its game? Safewow collects some reasons from players and hope that can make some sense for you. Safewow Valentine's Day Promo:Using 10% discount code LOVE for wow gold and all other Products buying from 2.05-2.17.2016.

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According to the Legion Alpha information from Build 20979, the Minor Glyphs will not provide any gameplay impact in the upcoming Legion. Instead, they will be only cosmetic and modifications to existing spells. And other Spell update includes that some existing minor glyphs will be turned into a toy or converted into a new spell that requires players to learn from a book, and some spells will be removed.

a reason why blizzard remove wow spells from legion

Some classes are finally losing spells they've had since Vanilla. Many people might not care about losing Chains of Ice for Blood DK, or ever get excited since Blood will no longer have any ability to slow a target. However, this notes also reminds players of what they have lost for Shaman from the Build 20740. Don’t get me wrong here, Shaman still has totems, but they're cooldowns you use for bursts of activity instead of something you need to maintain all the time. Considering how much players love the totems, we might ask why Blizzard removed your favorites from the game?

A player provided some pictures on reddit, trying to explain why the official team remove spells from Legion. For Shaman Totems, it just said that “I don’t think you need them anymore”, and “because you picked the wrong class”. In fact, some players think that totems like a leash that only 1 class has, and Shaman had crappier versions of everything other classes had except healing. You need to do a quest to learn a totem. However, the quest required for water literally forced you to go to a different continent and survive getting to an area that had 1-2 level higher than what you should be elite werewolves stalking it. What’s more, Earth and Fire Elemental had totems that were easy to kill in a few seconds so they were worthless in PVP if you could even use them.

How do you think about it? Are Shaman Totems too worthless to use? Even though there are some disadvantages, there are still many Shaman fans who love the idea of the totems. Would there be another adjustment? Just stay tuned on safewow, a reliable wow gold seller who also updates the latest information for wow and the upcoming Legion!

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