Samsung Galaxy Tab Strong Support for Mobile Marketing Industry

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 05:56 EDT

After many speculations but far less hype than that surrounding the launch of Apple’s iPad, on 2nd September Samsung announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The launch was announced in Berlin at the IFA event.

The fact that such giant companies as Apple and Samsung are paying so much attention to mobile devices, strongly confirms the fact that mobile marketing industry is growing rapidly. There is no doubt that in the next 2 years, mobile marketing along with social media will take the lead over standard Internet marketing.

“Release of Samsung Galaxy Tab clearly shows the trend to be closely involved in mobile industry. Other big companies like Apple and Google is already doing so" said online marketer Peter Garety from "It is clear that mobile marketing is the next big thing to be involved in”.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab supports Adobe Flash 10.1 for media playback and has a Readers Hub, for users to access electronic books (e-books) easily. There’s also a ‘Media Hub’ for accessing film and video and a Music Hub. The iPad doesn’t support this technology, so this gives the Galaxy an edge.

It’s smaller and so less cumbersome to carry around than the iPad but this is at the expense of the screen size. It has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies too. There are two cameras, one at the front intended for video calls and one at the rear for taking photos etc. The Samsung Galaxy Tab utilizes the Android system and of course the launch was designed to corner the market in the lead-up to Christmas. The device will be on the world markets later in the fall.

Now that there are two similar mobile devices on the market, sales of the iPad may be set to fall a little, but this will depend on how consumers will view Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. One thing is for certain - mobile marketing will have another forum.

There has been an increasing amount of mobile marketing, which is not just, as the name suggests the marketing of mobile devices. It is a new form of marketing made possible by these devices.

Apple’s products have opened up a new frontier for marketers to construct promotions based on location of consumer. This means that if your iPad is switched on, you may receive advertisements for businesses, products and services in the area you are in. This no doubt it is useful for both consumers and marketers. Samsung Galaxy Tab is just following it.

Mobile marketing trend and ever growing cell phone industry of course are intrinsically linked, without the mobile device, there could be no marketing. This opens new opportunities for people to join affiliate programs and make money online especially with CPA marketing.

CPA marketing stands for cost per acquisition or cost per action. One of the basic forms of action is zip code or email address submission. Marketers get paid for each of the submissions regardless whether people are actually buying something or not. With almost 5 billion cell phone users in the world, opposite to 2 billion Internet users, there is a great opportunity in front of everyone who is looking for a way to make money online.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab once again confirms the importance of mobile marketing industry. People want to be mobile, so clearly this is an area to look into if you want to make money online.

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