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Press Release   •   Aug 14, 2017 23:14 EDT

You'll have more character swtor credits slots both as a subscriber and as preferred than F2P do. When you subscribe you'll get one 'free' character that can be created at level 65 - I suggest waiting on that one until you've played a few classes through and have an idea of what you want. The instant 65s do not count for legendary status and will not have any class titles/cannot get the class titles. Also once they either hit level 66 or complete ANY quest they cannot be deleted and recreated as another class/race etc.

You will lose some of the bars, however, it should not impact you that much.

Subscribers do not have a credit cap, but F2P are capped at 200k, preferred are capped to 350k. You cannot permanently increase F2P or preferred caps.

You will lose access to command experience on dropping subscription - which is for level 70 only at end game for getting gear. However, at level 70 the packs which are used to grant CXP will stop drop so as long as you have some space for those you wont be too heavily impacted if you subscribe in bursts.

You will keep all expansions up to the current expansion and chapters after your subscription drops. However, you will not gain anymore chapters after your subscription drops if any new ones come out at that time.

While subscribed you will have unlimited access to raids/flashpoints and WZ/normal rewards from GSF. When your subscription drops you will lose access to OPS/Raids and will be more limited on drops from flashpoints and WZ will be limited as well as reduced rewards from GSF.

XP gain is slightly higher as a subscriber as well.

You will go down to two crew skills when you drop subscription, you will lose unify colors and you will lose (I believe) hide head slot and a few other things.

Crew Skills you can uncap to 3 for account via cartel purchase OR by using someone's referral link. This also applies to unify colors though I am unsure on hide head slot. There's some nice helmets that make it so hide headslot isn't needed with outfit designer though.

You will lose display legacy title and display character title. Display legacy title can be gotten via the preferred friends bundle which is granted from using someone's raf link.

The referral links grant about 2.7k CC worth of unlocks for someone that is not subscribed.

*I strongly suggest using a friend's link as they will get 600cc + 100cc for each month you stay subscribed. Plus their mount/pets depending on how many people they have referred. * *

My suggestion for if you plan on subscribing is to look for the amazon premium pack, usable I think once per account but it gives; KOTOR-Inspired Swoop Bike – Kakkran Daggerstar. 2,400 Cartel Coins 90 Days subscription

As always I suggest saving your CC to see what you want that will unlock to account. On dropping subscription you would need artifact authorization to use epic or better gear (I suggest account unlock for that) and you will lose access to section X and the quest to get the companion from that are. (Trying to avoid spoilers, but I'm sure you'll see by the unlock.)

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