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Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2010 23:16 EST

Miami, US, 11.13.10 - Scarf valances JMJ is the leading supplier of complete scarf valances for home. Scarf valances are available in a wide variety of colors and designs to your existing color of the room, curtains or the shutters. The products offered by Scarf valances are constantly updated. If you feel that the room should appear more luxurious and crisp, use Scarf valances to your windows. Scarf valances can also be used as a sunlight shields. Valances fabric should be light weight so that it hangs correctly without too bulky.

To make your own Scarf valances make sure the width of fabric that fits the window width, color of the room and curtains. Take another fabric with the same proportion but in a contrasting color. Sewing thread should matches the fabrics color and have two mushroom hold. A scarf valance has always a homely and familiar feeling which is why they are also used in offices and hotel rooms.

Learning about how to hang a Scarf valance is an easy process but you require a bit of patient. Hanging a scarf valance is not difficult, but it should be done correctly so that it create the right touch and ensure that it stays in place. If you want a new touch to your windows always go for a simple scarf valance than a regular heavy draperies. To hang it you drape Scarf valances around the curtain rod. The Scarf valance should be wrapped or twisted around the rod. If the rod comes with the ring, thread the Scarf valance through it or drape it over the rod. You can always adjust the scarf’s center swag as you’re your desire.

By using Scarf valances you can easily turn a normal window into a center of attraction of the room. For window scarf valances you can have two pieces of contrasting fabrics so that one dark color shows behind the other light color when you hang. Cut the ends of the fabric at an angle for more décor. Window scarf valances play an important role in interior decoration and interior design.

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