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School Locks Expert Compares Best-selling Masterlock Models

Press Release   •   May 15, 2014 19:18 EDT

Wantagh, NY

Specialized School Locks industry leader posted a new blog entry to help users decide between two highly popular products. The Masterlock 1525 and Masterlock 2010 are easy to use products that provide a solution for students to keep their valuables safe.

As the post explains, school lockers are storage solutions for students while they attend their scheduled classes. And judging by the 4.1 million students in public schools reported by the National Center for Education Statistics, lockers could very well be the only private space a student finds.

The Masterlock 1525 is only 3/4” tall, but provides a powerful Anti-Shim technology lock that keeps intruders away. It can be customized with different colors and dials, so it is easy to identify and use (these features that prove that heavier locks are not necessarily the best choice).

The other featured product is the Masterlock 2010, which is less customizable in terms of appearance, but also highly secure. It comes with a 1" alloy shackle and double ball bearing lock that make it even more resistant to prying attempts.

Both models allow supervisory key access, so parents or other responsible authority figures can open the school lock without the combination, as well as automatic scrambling to avoid reopening the locker unintentionally. These products are intended to provide valuable assistance to students’ daily routines. is a well-known provider of quality locks for different needs. Further information about the Masterlock 1525 and 2010 is available on the original ‘School Locks Comparison: Masterlock 1525 vs. Masterlock 2010’ blog post. Customers can make their orders or inquiries through the website or via 1.877.562.5755.

About is a member of the Fleetwood Student Sales family, a leading Masterlock distributor.  With over 40 years in business, they carry a full line of high quality, affordable combination locks for school districts and other industries.  Their educated and experienced staff provides clients with customized locker lock solutions and unparalleled customer service.