See Warcraft Movie and Gain WOW Bundle to Play Previous Expansions

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2016 05:13 EST

As the largest MMORPG, World of Warcraft has walked through over 10 years, a common saying among the community is the passing time can’t return again. However, a player survey sent out by Blizzard has revealed that they are planning to give Warcraft movie goers exclusive bundle, allowing fans to revisit the good times in previous expansions! Buy cheap wow gold on safewow and wait for the amazing reward!

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Warcraft goers will get the WOW Bundle?

Lately, a wow player named fatsocks posted an image on reddit, showing an email that sent out by Blizzard. According to the email, Blizzard is planning to award Warcraft goers with an exclusive gameplay bundle that called “World of Warcraft: Ultimate Movie Edition”. What does the bundle conclude? Well, if you buy a ticket for Warcraft movie, you will get all of wow previous expansions (except Legion) completely free of charge. In addition, it also offers a month of free game time, as well as a unique in-game item!

Cannot believe it right? Well, some players mentioned the same concern and guessed if it was a kind of phishing attempts, but a Blizzard Customer Support, Araxom has dropped in and confirmed the survey is legitimate. As for the typo error in email (Lich King was misspelled as Litch King), Blizzard has also acknowledged, so you needn’t worry any more, just buy cheap wow gold for sale on safewow to be ready!

Why Blizzard plans to give the wow bundle?

If you still cannot believe that Blizzard will give such good offer, the following reasons that players mentioned might make some sense. Firstly, considering the inevitable tie-ins between the Warcraft movie and WoW, there's nothing that could go wrong with this bundle if Blizzard decides to go through with it. Secondly, the Warcraft movie is always regarded as a potential success, and if it could become the next Star Wars, it is reasonable that Blizzard try to push incentives to get more people to go watch the movie. Another goes that the bundle is targeted more towards those that aren’t already playing the game before, since wow fans will probably already own the game along with its expansions.

Though some of the opinions told that it is not necessary to give the bundle, i, personally, think it is a good thing. At least, after players enjoy the Warcraft movie, and want to give the game a try, they will hopefully become long time subscribers. If you also expect for the bundle, don’t forget to buy a ticket when the movie launches on June 10, and buy cheap wow gold fast on safewow to enjoy the game!

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