ShopLiftr Simplifies Digital Shopper Marketing for CPG’s and Retailers

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2016 10:42 EDT

ShopLiftr, a leading provider of digital shopper marketing solutions for consumer packaged goods and retailers, announced the launch of their new website. The site has been redesigned to help tell a clearer story of the ShopLiftr brand and how they add value to digital campaigns.

The redesign not only marks change to, but to the business as a whole. "Twelve years ago, we set out on a mission to empower shoppers with grocery promotions so they never had to miss out on a deal or choose between saving time and saving money," said Co-founder & EVP, John Scott. "The result was the creation of our SHOPPR Engine, which is fueled by promotional deals from over 300 grocery, mass and drug retailers across the United States."

The engine was originally used to power, a site where shoppers can search for deals in their area and create customized shopping lists. However, with the onset of geo-targeting and other technologies, the company discovered newer methods of getting deals into the hands of shoppers in more efficient and effective ways. By teaming up with consumer brands, ShopLiftr could leverage the brand's online channels (website, banner ads, social media, email, etc.) and seamlessly inject their in-store promotional content into the brand's creative, providing their followers with a more localized, relevant and engaging online experience.

ShopLiftr has since grown beyond groceries and are adding new product verticals into their engine all the time.

"We have found a way to help close the gap between awareness and activity online, and actually getting people into the store to buy products," says VP of Marketing, Nathan Hall.

ShopLiftr has already partnered with some big brands to help increase engagement and drive in-store sales, and is positioned to see tremendous growth over the coming quarters.

ShopLiftr is a digital shopper marketing company that aggregates and amplifies the largest collection of trade promotions, connecting shoppers with real-time, localized deals. CPG's, retailers and their agencies leverage our SHOPPR engine to create omni-channel experiences that dynamically link their online content to in-store promotions in order to lift sales.

ShopLiftr has been perfecting the SHOPPR Engine since 2004, processing over 200,000+ promotions each month across 80,000+ physical store locations in all 43,000 ZIP codes.