Sicura Automatic Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB Men's Watch

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2015 02:12 EDT

Sicura Automatic Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB Men's WatchWhile some might scoff away at the mention of Sicura's connection with Breitling, but you can’t deny it brings a certain amount of charm to their creations. No, it’s certainly not that Sicura watches are equivalent to that of Breitling’s but it's not the point we are coming to. Sicura, by its own merits, was a more than decent company. Back in 1979, if they wouldn’t have come to rescue Breitling, the latter would definitely have succumbed to the Quartz-induced holocaust.

Sicura watches always boasted of bold and unique case designs and the Sicura Automatic Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB Men's Watch is also no exception. The original founder, Ernest Schneider was a pilot himself; moreover, his expertise on micro-electronics – if not stellar was remarkable and possibly, ahead of the times. His natural inclination towards designing watches made all his talents unite and Sicura was born.

So how Breitling got support from Sicura? Blame or thank Willy Breitling’s illness and death; the 40 years plus force was gone! It was the last year of the ‘70s decade and Breitling’s rights were bought off by Sicura.

It should come as no surprise that Sicura watches have many of the Breitling’s shadows (read: elements) into them and the Sicura Automatic Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB Men's Watch is no exception either; the Breitling DNA from the ‘70s influence the Sicura Watches design too!

It’s a completely pertinent question why on earth Mr. Schneider decided to put a stop to Sicura. Simple, it can’t be denied that Breitling had (and still has) a better and greater market presence, potential and credibility, so prudence made him focus time, money and attention to the brand instead of establishing Sicura as a better option to watch buyers. The only thing Mr. Mr. Schneider can be accused of is he went with the flow, which is not quite the sign of a genius.

So, where does Sicura stand today? It stands as a watch company the Chamber of Commerce recognises by three different names: Montres Sicura S.A. Grenchen, Sicura Uhren A.G. Grenchen and Sicura Watch Company Ltd. Grenchen.

However, coming back to the Sicura Chronograph Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB Men's Watch, check out nice, coat-of-arms on the case-back, another reason that added to their popularity way back in the ‘70s. Still, they are inexpensive and keep pace with the latest watch trends. It’s only this attention to fashion and quality that has made Sicura stay for so long in the watch game.

So, if you ever wanted to own a piece of significant history, opt for the Sicura Automatic Diver's 300M Crystal SM606GB. It’s not something you will find on too many wrists and when people ask, you can answer a lot by just throwing an impish grin.

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