Skin Your iPhone 5S with Black Carbon Full Body Skin

Press Release   •   May 16, 2014 02:26 EDT

SlickwrapsThere’s something unique and sexy about an iPhone wrapped in black carbon full body skin. Imagine your iPhone wrapped in black carbon; the same material that is used in high performance jets. It is light-weight but amazingly strong – does your expensive iPhone deserve anything less especially when this is so affordable?

This iPhone skin is made out of black carbon material and will make your phone virtually scratch proof and drop-protected. Our black carbon skin for your iPhone is essentially a 3-piece design that protects the back, top, and edge of your iPhone in a highly protective cover.

Unlike other commercially available skins for your iPhone, our black carbon fully body skin will not bend or stretch. It is fairly rigid and built to highly exacting standards and measurements. Its rigidity protects your iPhone from accidental falls.

The uniqueness of the design can be gauged from the fact that we’ve incorporated special "air-channel" backing that guarantees zero bubbles as the skin is applied. This is a truly unique black carbon skin for the iPhone and possibly the best protection you can offer your iPhone.

Once you’ve purchased our Custom Xbox skins for your iPhone, applying it is a very easy. Open the package and peel away the attached plastic sheet and carefully place the skin over your iPhone. Ensure it is aligned with the edges of your iPhone then smoothly press the skin with your thumb moving in the same top-down or down-top direction. The amazing glue will instantly stick the black carbon skin to your iPhone. Follow this procedure for each of the three pieces we provide.

For those who might wonder if the protection comes in only one colour – of course not! Without colour, life would definitely be boring. Our carbon fully body skin for your iPhone comes in a whole range of colours including gun metal, Orange, Silver, White, Red, Purple and baby pink.

So dress up your iPhone, give it the cool protection of a MacBook skins in your favorite color.

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