Sleep and beyond shipping 100% natural and organic bedding for free

Press Release   •   Apr 11, 2018 08:09 EDT

Sleep and Beyond is a company that offers all types of bedding-related solutions to its clients by providing a complete range of totally natural and organic bedding products. The company is based in the US and enjoys a good standing among its competitors in the market. Recently, the company has made news by announcing the facility of free shipment and delivery on orders exceeding a total amount of $150. This offer is valid for all American states except Alaska and Hawaii.

In the northern region of America, Sleep and Beyond is popular enough to make its way into the top 3 companies that sell bedding-related items. The company is highly famous for the provision of bedding articles that are 100% natural and organic. The company claims to take pride in the legitimacy and genuineness of their bedding products. As a matter of fact, the company takes full responsibility for the authenticity of their articles by providing a guarantee to their clients. Sleep and Beyond has been conducting their business since the year 1992. Considering the fact that their popularity has been growing more and more, it appears like the company actually provides good quality bedding amenities.

All the products sold by Sleep and Beyond are claimed to be prepared using completely natural and organic raw materials. A special blend comprising of different percentages of materials like merino wool, natural cotton, Shropshire wool and fully organic cotton is used by the company to prepare different articles. In order to ensure the legitimacy of the raw materials, the company grows their own sheep in different farms established in beautiful, lush green fields of Kyrgyzstan. The company is especially famous for producing premium quality organic wool.

The company claims to be delivering the best value for the money spent by their clients. keeping that under consideration, the company claims to use raw materials that are nothing but the best. The prices of the products sold by the company are on the higher end. But considering the fact that their quality is as high as they claim it to be, the prices appear to be right on point.

Since its introduction into the market, the company has been grasping the attention of its potential buyers by using different techniques. This time, they introduced the facility of free shipping and delivery for orders that exceed a total amount of $150. The competitors in the present market are not willing to offer such incentives since delivery costs a lot of money. So, the consumer market appears to be attracted to Sleep and Beyond since they offer good quality products with free delivery.

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