Snap up neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with 3x reward points to acquire Guild Marks

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2018 03:47 EST

In this article we’re quickly going over the best way to Snap up neverwinter astral diamonds with 3x reward points to acquire Guild Marks. Since their introduction in Module 7: Strongholds, they have lost value over time, but are still used to buy useful gear or Masterwork related assets and resources. Especially the latter is able to generate quite some ADs if your guild has access to the?Treasure Hunter?Boon and/or Temporary Structures.

The only way to generate Guild Marks is by donating resources to your guild’s coffers. Unfortunately farming different coffer currencies is not equally easy. The campaign ones are a pain for example, especially if you need them yourself to progress. And others that are simple to obtain are do not net as much GMs. So here is our toplist of what to aim for if you simply want to max out Guild Marks.

Utilize the Double Events

While this is not about a currency, utilizing the double events is an obvious hint. It might not be as easy however if your guild has strict weekly donation rules for their members. So make sure you don’t step on your guild leaders’ toes when holding the currency back for a Double Guild Mark event.

Quartermaster Enchantments

Quartermaster's Enchantment, Rank 8?is great to acquire a large amount of Guild Marks over time. The bags they drop can be donated to the “Surplus” coffer and should land you about 50,000 GM on a double event. This obviously only makes sense for characters that farm dailies, and hence kill a lot of mobs, on a regular basis. The bags can also drop in dungeons, but note that you need to hit the final blow. It makes much less sense running QM on support chars in group content because of that.

Profession Workers

Purple Profession Workers are super cheap and land a massive 5,000 GM on a double event. Most endgame guilds and alliances however have their Labor coffers capped or sealed off all the time, making this merely an outside option. If you see an opening however, you can’t do wrong with buying a couple assets and throwing them into a coffer.

This way of making GMs has also been, or maybe still is being, utilized by exploiters. They form a group of five during a double event, create a guild, donate Profession Workers until the coffer is capped, delete the guild and start over.

Daily Influence and Shards

It’s boring as hell, but doing your daily HEs and Shards really is key, especially during double events. I personally don’t even do this each and every day and still easily generate upwards 50,000 GM per double event and character. Running the Stronghold and the two easy skirmish and dungeon queues for shards is a 30-minute task, and really worth the effort.

On top of that, any decent guild should have weekly runs of the Marauders event for an additional 600 Influence.

Profession Crates

Each profession offers crates that can be donated to different coffers. I personally am not a big fan of doing those vs. Leadership, but there’s still some value if you’re solely looking for Guild Marks. Also leveling a normal profession is pretty easy. On alternate characters it could make sense do crates in case you don’t want to take on the full Leadership grind. It’s inferior in terms of value, but much less of a pain.

Use recipes like the ones from Artificing that require resources that can fully be obtained from temporary Stronghold structures. That way you basically trade very few Guild Marks to generate even more.

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