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SO {Standing Ovation} announce new music from EP, "COLISEUM"

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2016 15:20 EDT

Candlewax Records production/lyricist duo SO {Standing Ovation} have released a new single from their EP, "COLISEUM." The latest of several progressive productions which make up their uniquely styled music concept, "SPEED," is an original indie hip hop record. The single is available on SO’s official Soundcloud page at

Consisting of Virginia native and producer Bronze Baby Shoes and vocalist/lyricist The Character who resides in Los Angeles, SO are adding their components to the fresh sounds of modern hip-hop. "SPEED" has helped the bi-coastal duo introduce their eclectic style to music lovers worldwide.

Stimulating their fans both auditorily and visually, the two are influencing the many ways music appeals to people. The visual for "SPEED" can be viewed on Youtube at

A trippy fusion of indie hip hop and thought-provoking lyrical concepts, the 6-track project, offers a whole new take on artistic creativity. "COLISEUM" is available for streaming on Soundcloud. The project will also be released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online music retails on January 17th, 2017.

In a review article on All Hip Hop, the duo’s style is described as, "Aside from the genre-bending sounds, there is something distinctly appealing about the SO experience that is sure to capture even the most hardened imagination."

"COLISEUM" conceptually started the day Bronze Baby Shoes touched down in Los Angeles. Written by The Character, recorded and mixed by BlakeNine, and mastered by Dave Coolie (Elysian Masters / Stones Throw) SO took their inspiration and love of music to produce a record that would be its own tornado of hope and triumph. Bronze Baby Shoes diverse musical range and The Character’s vocal schizophrenia displays the group’s long-standing love for Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, and Punk.

About SO {Standing Ovation}

SO {Standing Ovation} the anything goes bicoastal duo consisting of Producer Bronze Baby Shoes from Virginia and vocalist/lyricist The Character residing in Los Angeles are set to release "COLISEUM", on January 17th, 2017. Taking a hyper­modernistic pastiche of music birthed of the digital age. Styled as "Andre 3000 flying on a killer ecstasy peyote cocktail cooked up by the Dow Chemical Company". This four track EP was recorded over a five day visit to Echo Park Los Angeles. The anticipation and excitement of travel, desperation and exploration of sound rotate peacefully on this perfectly centered piece of work. "COLISEUM" is the sum of Freedom.

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