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Solar Panels Make Home at Green Home Improvements

Press Release   •   Oct 05, 2010 00:55 EDT

October 5, 2010 - It's a special month for Green Home Improvements. We are proud to announce that we are a leading solar panels provider for homeowners across much of south Texas. We have partnered with the largest solar panels company in the United States, that make the world's strongest solar panels. We have been constructing this solar panels division of our company for a long while and are completely satisfied with the way it has turned out. We are the only solar panels contracting company in Texas who sells and installs the Sunpower solar panels.

Solar panels are notorious electric bill killers, which is why so many homeowners are switching over to solar power. So when planning, or budgeting to install solar panels on your home, why settle for the inferior products? The traditional solar panels do not put out nearly as much wattage and power as our Sunpower solar panels. The solar panels we install put out 225 watts per panel; the world's strongest solar panel.

Many of Green Home Improvements customers are experiencing what it is like to live in their homes with energy independence, not worrying about paying the electricity bills, and having more expendable income to spend on groceries, or a nice night out on the town. Our solar panels will empower you to the point of a king in his own country.

If you live in the San Antonio, Austin, or surrounding areas, and have thought about installing solar panels on your home, now is a great time to get an estimate. Green Home Improvements provides free estimates for all homeowners looking to install a solar panels system on their roof. We average your homes 12 month history of electricity usage, and are able to build a solar panel system that is completely unique to your home. Our trained representatives will come take all the necessary measurements, find the best position for your solar panels to be installed on your roof. It is a great learning experience for all homeowners looking to find some energy independence. After the measurements, and analytics, we can let you know what an ideal system would be for your home, and what your home allows to be installed due to square roof footage, and the sun's path over your home.

Sometimes we come to homes that we are unable to install any kind of solar panel system on due to several factors. This is an unfortunate case for many homeowners looking to install solar panels on their roof. This is part of the education process. Even though we are sad to inform homeowners that they are unable to install solar panels on their home, we are happy to provide the homeowner with the necessary information they need to continue their journey to energy independence.

If solar panels don't work for your home, there are many alternative home improvement projects you can do to cut your home's energy bills.

Keep in touch with news from Green Home Improvements here, and find out what else we are doing besides solar panels to help homeowners save on their bills.

To receive information about solar panels, or a free estimate, use our contact details on this page to set your no obligation appointment.

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