Solvatten and Bosoley in a Joint Venture to Aid Haiti Crisis Victims and Beyond

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2010 02:01 EDT

October 12, 2010: Bosoley, a US-based solar lighting solution provider, and Solvatten, a Swedish company specializing in making solar-safe water system, signed a joint venture to aid the earthquake victims of Haiti. This joint venture between the two women-owned companies was possible as the two organizations share the vision of improving the living conditions of people across the globe. In this venture, Bosoley will function as the exclusive agent of Solvatten in Haiti, Bahamas and Turk & Caicos.

The January 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince was the worst Haiti had seen in 200 years. Even after nine months, 1.3 million victims of the natural calamity lack efficient international management and are left susceptible to sexual violence, hunger and starvation and forced eviction. It is for this reason that the two companies have decided to pool in their resources and assist the victims.

The presence of Solvatten and Bosoley can be a boon to Haiti, a country whose natural forest cover has been reduced from 60% to less that 2% by intensive logging which began in the 1950s. Steeped in environmental disasters, that is partly a repercussion of the misuse of natural resources and partly due to the economic problems, even clean water is a scarcity on the island. Bottled water is a luxury and comes at an exorbitant price.

Against this backdrop, Solvatten, which was named as the WWF climate solver in 2009, can be of great help. Solvatten is a solar-powered water purification device which is reputed to have the potential of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 26 million tons yearly by 2020. Solvatten utilizes the combined power of heat, ultraviolet rays and an internal filter to deactivate disease-causing microorganisms and treat contaminated water to meet the WHO Guidelines for Safe Water.

About Solvatten and Bosoley: The Solvatten is essentially a household, portable 10 liter unit which has to be kept under the sun for 2-6 hours to get clean, drinking water. The device does not take the aid of chemicals or any other energy-source, apart from the sun, to treat bacteria, virus and parasites in water. If maintained well, Solvatten facilitates more than five years of trouble-free usage.

Bosoley, operating on the principle that there is no better way of lighting the world than begetting energy from the sun itself, offers an array of solar lighting options. The company offers portable lighting kits, weatherproof floodlights and vandal proof street lights.

A patented, scientifically proven Swedish invention, the SOLVATTEN® unit uses heat and UV from the sun, and a built-in filter, to purify contaminated water. SOLVATTEN® makes microbiologically contaminated water drinkable in 2-6 hours, depending on the weather. An indicator shows when the water is safe to drink. SOLVATTEN® is part of the WHO International Network to Promote Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage.

Providing SOLVATTEN to households will help contribute towards sustainable development, through improved living standards, improved health, protection of the environment, and by making income-generating activities possible.

The portable 10-liter unit can improve the daily lives of millions of people who do not have access to safe drinking water, thereby contributing to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.