South Florida Don’t Fall In To This GAP!

Press release   •   Jun 15, 2011 20:23 EDT

When we talk about GAP we think about a retail store in the mall, or we may connect the word GAP with a type of healthcare insurance. Today there are many members of our community willing to do whatever it takes to be able to survive in this economy. Some of these businesses continue to adjust their services in an ethical and professional manner to be able to compete in this market, but others are just out there looking for that opportunity that will make them FAST CASH or a profitable deal at ANY COST. A new agency providing services for the geriatric population is called G.A.P. also. This G.A.P., under the umbrella of Southeastern Clinical Specialties, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is now facing legal action for violation of agreements that were signed on 2 different occasions with a company that employed the owner of G.A.P. (Geriatric Assessment and Placement). In the business world, these types of situations are a reality, but in this case, this professional person is also on the board of several not for profit organizations and/or community organizations, as well as working with seniors as an advocate. The idea of having board members in these not for profit organizations is for board members to raise funds for good causes, and at times, that involves signing contracts, and having others trust your word as your bond … but if a person ignores contracts signed by herself, would she do the same for those organizations that she is a part of? Are these people investigated before they join? Do they check on what type of reputation they have and their code of ethics? If a person acts this way and is over 55+, we can we easily say that this is not a new behavior and one that most likely can not be changed. This would not be the right person to work as an advocate or even provide information to seniors in an ethical manner. Who is falling into this GAP? As a Geriatric Specialist for over 12 years, who has resided in Broward County for over 21 years and listened to and educated many families and healthcare professionals, I believe that honesty, ethics and integrity are the secret of any sucessful business. Seniors, Caregivers and Professionals do not need the services of individuals such as G.A.P. Geriatric Assessment and Placement because ethical professionalism and respect are the first steps toward a great service… don’t you agree? The intention of this letter is to say NO to unprofessional behavior from businesses, organizations and individuals. It is ok to say No, and to educate others so they will not have to go through it as well. I learned my lesson and I choose to say NO… respect yourself. There are times when bad behaviors need to be punished. If this person could do this to a Colleague and Mentor, creating this GAP, what makes you think that she would not do it to you or your parents? Together we educate…. and therefore protect….