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Special Offer by On Time Electric: Replace all smoke detectors in the house for $125 plus material

Press Release   •   May 31, 2016 05:49 EDT

Tampa, Florida, 27st May2016- On Time Electric, one of the leading electrician service provider in Tampa. You can contact them to avail a deal where you can replace all smoke detectors in the house just for $125 plus material.

Smoke detectors are quite effective in warning unexpected fire if used correctly and properly. Mounting a smoke detector can be tricky. Besides installing the smoke detectors in a proper location, one should also choose the type of detector carefully. After installing the smoke detector, one should also make note of the home decors around it. However, installing a smoke detector is always a smart decision, moreover when you have such a tempting offer from a reputed store like On Time Electric, why not avail it just for $125 plus material. As a reminder about the placement of smoke sensors throughout your house you can opt for two places -

1.Rooms where using of fire is probably high:

Kitchen area away from the stove

Rooms with fireplaces

Places where your furnace is placed

Around hot water heaters

2.Areas of increased traffic involve:

Dining rooms

Living Rooms

The Study


Maintaining these smoke detectors has also become easy with On Time Electric, for you can easily contact them for regular maintenance that will surely increase the shelf life of these smoke alarms. Smoke alarms with lithium batteries often malfunction. Hence, regular maintenance is a must for the efficiency of the smoke detectors are often compromised with accumulated dust, insects, airborne contaminants and corrosion of the electrical circuitry. Therefore, it should be replaced in every 10 years because gradually only 54% of your smoke alarms will be functioning. For that purpose you will need to call a professional electrician. With, On Time Electric hiring electrician is just like a wink of an eye.

And, if you are planning to hire On Time Electric, you are lucky enough to avail the special offer. For, if you need to replace all your smoke detectors then you can call them right away and avail the special discount if the cost of replacement of all the smoke detectors on $125 plus material.

On Time Electric provides residential service where you will get professional and licensed electrician in just one call. They will take your call immediately or call you back within 5 minutes. So, if you are thinking to grab this deal, you can easily schedule your appointment today by contacting them on their website http://www.mytampabayelectrician.com/ . You may also call them at 813-545-9333 and on Time Electric will be right there present at your service.

On Time Electric is serving Tampa since 1997. They are local to Tampa Bay and service all of Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. Their professional electricians have years of training and experience with all kinds of electrical panels, wiring and situations and can take care of any electrical need quickly and properly. All of their contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. Their prices are competitive, their staff is of top-quality and their customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry.