Special Offer For Exceptional Cars: US Mercedes Benz Owners Only

Press Release   •   Jul 21, 2013 23:02 EDT

Finally, people who own the ultra luxurious Mercedes Benz car can breathe a collective sigh of relief because 35-year-old has brought first rate Mercedes auto repair service to North California’s San Francisco Bay area and by default, the rest of the US of A. A Benz owner would not hesitate to cruise many miles as long as they know that their precious ride will get the auto care that they are accustomed to. This ride will not be in vain because there are many other excellent offers that can make the drive there memorable. Of course, a Benz owner anywhere would not spare any cost when it comes to servicing their distinctive cars because they know the mileage luxury that their rides deliver time after time but as always, nobody can resist a good bargain.

These certified Mercedes repair specialists go the extra mile in ensuring that Benz owners do not get left out of the loop when it comes to having their vehicles undergo periodic service. Depending on the time of the year there are irresistible special offers on car service for both light and thorough. Furthermore, a Mercedes owner can also get significant discounts at their collision repair shop and return their sleek and classy ride to its former glamour. When it comes to Mercedes vehicles, discounts make a lot of sense because everything about these eye catching cars is big and/or expensive and when discounts are offered, they make a world of difference to the overall cost of service. This would be a good way to keep car service within affordable limits in the current recessionary times.

Other singular offers that would leave Mercedes owners quite pleased with their decision include the opportunity to purchase their costly tires at cost price instead of with the additional dealer mark up. For a Mercedes owner with a bottomless wallet this can allow them to stock up on many extra tires to keep their immaculate ride in excellent running condition at all times. Furthermore, they can also buy expensive Mercedes spare parts at discounts from 10%. For any Benz owner a 10% discount is not a small amount and this gives them the chance to stock up on many more spare parts for areas their vehicle mechanics have indicated will require attention in the near future.

Wind shield chips are extremely irritating and annoying and tend to show when least expected. On a Mercedes this unsightly disfigurement looks like a terrible eye sore and having the chance to rectify it at half the cost is enough to make many Mercedes owners get to it immediately. Furthermore, ensuring that all four wheels are aligned is not an option for many Benz owners and getting the opportunity to make it cost effective is enough to increase the frequency for wheel alignment checks. This is because, roads tend to vary in stability and harsh climatic conditions make many roads deteriorate every year.