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Speedment launches v 3.0.0 - the Java 8 Stream ORM with Unprecedented Type Safety

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2016 21:23 EDT

PALO ALTO, California, Oct 18th, 2016 - Speedment, the company providing the industry leading stream ORM toolkit and runtime for superfast database application development and execution, announces the release of the new version 3.0.0 that is available on Github from today. The new version includes features that makes development more safe and efficient while further accelerating the runtime characteristics of the application.

“Speedment 3.0.0 makes adopting a legacy system to modern Java 8 streams applications faster and less error-prone.” says Per Minborg, CTO at Speedment. “Mismatches between database model and business logic are a hibernated thing of the past.”

The main features of Speedment are related to their independence of what database you would like to use as source of truth. This makes the system ideal for legacy setups where vast amounts of information is trapped in data sources with performance insufficient for the real-time on-demand era.Speedment 3.0.0 delivers new features to help developers automatically generate Java code by a Stream ORM code generator including:

  • Mapping to primitive classes like int, long and double improving performance and memory efficiency.
  • New Maven goals for increased productivity by allowing quick regeneration of code after database model updates.
  • Checksum protection of manually overridden classes, simplifying customization of the generated code.
  • More flexible packaging of generated code, allowing seamless adaptation to a given code structure.
  • Improved UI showing warnings and tips as well as an issue dialog to resolve potential config issues, helping developers to configure the code generation more efficiently.
  • Logging of SQL queries for improved transparency and performance profiling.
  • More precise code generation increasing type safety and therefore reducing cost of maintenance.
  • Improved API with declarative support for efficient stream composition.

More information on can be found here: Speedment Github

Speedment is a Palo Alto based company providing solutions to accelerate databases. Custom solutions have been delivered to several fortune 500 companies including FinTech, Telecom, Entertainment, Education and Transportation business. So far, the team behind Speedment has received numerous high tech awards and created and sold several patents in different markets. With the Speedment Java Stream ORM toolkit and runtime for accelerated SQL database applications, the company raises the standard for performance and how to develop database applications.